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  • Re: AW: Mercalli 2.0 aktivieren

    Wir bieten derzeit keine Freischaltung für Mercalli 2.0. Soweit ich gehört habe, werden wir demnächst ein Angebot machen, das auch Mercalli 2.0 betrifft; zum heutigen Tage jedoch noch nicht. Wir werden es dann natürlich im Shop zum Verkauf anbieten. Näheres weiß ich selber noch nicht; ich bitte um Geduld.
    Posted to Studio - HollywoodFX & Plugins (DE) (Forum) by Hans_H on August 16, 2010
  • Re: Studio Movie box ultimate collection

    http://shop.avid.com/store/product.do?product=306662061809264 There's no other connection needed on the PC or notebook, so you are right. Just the USB 2 connection is needed.
    Posted to Pinnacle Video Transfer (Forum) by Hans_H on August 10, 2010
  • Re: MC 5 here I come!

    Thanks for telling us. I'll set this thread to solved then.
    Posted to Liquid - General Discussions - Off Topics (Forum) by Hans_H on August 9, 2010
  • Re: DVDit By Sonic

    It is more complex to use but offers more features. You might experience some problems if you have another Roxio software installed. See the Sonic forum for more help. You can't open a Liquid project in Sonic at all; you need to export the assets from Liquid and import them in Sonic.
    Posted to Liquid - General Discussions - Off Topics (Forum) by Hans_H on August 6, 2010
  • Re: MC 5 here I come!

    I'm rather sure it has nothing to do with the licensing at all as you said ''The system always hangs on Initializing Media Volume''. When you start MC, do you see a license information in the splash screen? What is your SystemID? Go to the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Avid Media Composer\Avid FatalErrorReports\ (May be somewhere else, ...
    Posted to Liquid - General Discussions - Off Topics (Forum) by Hans_H on August 6, 2010
  • Re: MC 5 here I come!

    Between MC 4 and 5 are not big differences concerning how to actiavte. I'm not sure if going back to MC 4 would solve the problem - I suggest to isolate the problem first. As you said ''wouldn't ever finish loading'' what exactly does that mean? At which stage is it hanging? Did you get the window which is asking you if you want to start using ...
    Posted to Liquid - General Discussions - Off Topics (Forum) by Hans_H on August 5, 2010
  • Re: Studio 14 - change project to NTSC from PAL

    Please take a look into the manual, section Setup-Options, Video and Audio Settings In the default setting Studio 14 will create the project in the same format of the first clip that you put on the timeline. You can't change the timeline's format later. You can set Studio to create every new project in a specific format. See the manual section as ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by Hans_H on July 28, 2010
  • Re: Recording 2 streams simultaneously

    You can just start recording your cameras anytime you want. They will surely not record with the same timecode. What you need to do is to record a clapper or a flash with both cameras so you know this is a common point on both recorded tapes. Then capture both tapes. Find the clapper/flash in both clips and put them one above the other in two ...
    Posted to Studio - Capture (Forum) by Hans_H on July 28, 2010
  • Re: Computer and Studio 14

    Could you please be more specific? What amount in which folder are you talking about? By the nature of an editing application you can't avoid rendering processes which will fill your render folder. You can delete that files and only the parts with effects in your sequence which you are currently working on will be rendered again. This will shrink ...
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by Hans_H on July 28, 2010
  • Re: Fix for preroll error problem?

    Maybe updating the Firewire driver helps; check if you have the Microsoft OHCI installed which is typically the right choice. In the capture settings you can change the ''Wait after sending record'' number. For Panasonic devices we experienced in some cases you need to change the number to 20000; just give it a try with steps of thousands. It ...
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