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  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Hey nice one Trevor, good old Firefox, didn't think of that one!&nbsp; I use Firefox on all my other pc's but use Virtual pc to run WM9 on, just run it bog standard with hardly anything on it and never gave the browser a second thought, anyway, all sorted again for a while. thanks for your help. Steve
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by Steve F on April 29, 2009
  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Hi Trevor, I attempted to download the windows media player file via the drop down, but this is telling me that I need to upgrade my version of media player before it will let me download anything.&nbsp; I obviously don't want to be doing that otherwise I will end up with the same problem that originally resulted in me using Media Player vers 9 in ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by Steve F on April 28, 2009
  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    I Haven't downloaded any BBC i player programmes for a while ( nothing worth watching!!) but decided to download something today, I was confonted with the message that they don't support Download manager anymore and that I needed to download the new i player desktop manager, which I proceeded to do.&nbsp; This is where the problems start again, ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by Steve F on April 23, 2009
  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Phew I finally got there, wot a mission!! Ended up having&nbsp;to install Virtual PC though,&nbsp;as every pc in the house is running Vista with the latest version of media player.&nbsp; Now got XP Pro running on virtual pc, running media player 10,&nbsp; this allows fu4wm13fix to do its stuff, although I'm also having to use Mirakagi to access ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by Steve F on October 26, 2008
  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Hi There, I'm completely new to this forum, I&nbsp;have just purchased a Showcenter 200 with one of the main reasons being to play back BBC iPlayer WMV9 files via Media Player 11.&nbsp; After setting everything up I pressed play on my first iPlayer file to be greeted with just the audio!! After faffing about for a while I realised video was never ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by Steve F on October 23, 2008
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