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  • Re: Windows Media center

    Also the size of subtitles can be changed by turning the HD browser on/off in the settings advanced menu button''B'', which may help.
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on May 23, 2008
  • Re: New Firmware - Widen Format Support

    laserfan: I thought I'd posted on this again but I guess I forgot--anyway I can confirm your ''UNSUPPORTED FORMAT'' report, on my new 250HD as well. &nbsp; What's worse, I made a WMV of a trailer using AVIVO Video Converter and it gives UNSUPPORTED FORMAT also! &nbsp; I'm not familiar w/WMV files, I use Xvid, but in looking at ones that ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on May 23, 2008
  • Re: New Firmware - Widen Format Support

    laserfan:I don't know what might make BBC iPlayer (? dunno what that is) special, but I vaguely recall testing a WMV9 + WMA + DRM movie trailer (maybe off the MS website) and it worked? Are these BBC files special in some way? Can you play WMV files from MS? The&nbsp;iPlayer is BBCs on demand service (usually programs are available for broadcast ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on May 8, 2008
  • Re: New Firmware - Widen Format Support

    laserfan: But a firmware update can't make the boxes do any more than the underlying hardware (a Sigma Designs EM8620L chip) is capable of. The best info I can find on the 8620 is from this Doom9 link which says in addition to MPEG2/VOB support: Supports: - Video Decs: MPEG-4 with B-VOP (with/without packed bit-stream), 1 warp-point GMC, ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on May 7, 2008
  • Re: [SC200] Playback of WMV-HD with audio

    You should note that the relase notes for 21-81 firmware state that the audio does not play some WMV files. Not very helpfull really, since the release notes do not detail which files are affected, and I doubt if you will get anywhere with tech support. It may be worth downgrading the firmware to 11-14 to see if the files play ok. Put the files ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on April 29, 2008
  • Re: Dolby Digital problem with Beta 21.81 firmware

    I think that this was originally used as a test feature, because on previous firmware releases the setting was lost when the unit was switched off. In fact you should pay a licence fee to enable the stereo downmix, however the previous firmware release trashed the downmix for people who had legitimately paid for the feature. The fix that was put ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on April 25, 2008
  • Re: Dolby Digital problem with Beta 21.81 firmware

    You can enable Dolby Digital again by browsing to a hidden location using your PC Switch the showcenter on&nbsp; Unsing an internet browser on your PC type http://192.168.xxx.xxx:2020/set_amx=ON&nbsp; (replace the xxx with your IP address with your own showcenter IP address) If this works correctly then you should see a message ''amx : ON'' in ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on April 25, 2008
  • Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    ViiV is most likely automatically transcoding the file into a format that the Showcenter can play. I've discounted media server compatibility issues by using the a SD card reader plugged directly into the front USB port. Transcoding isn't really an otpion since my media sever (wizd) runs on a NAS (Linksys NSLU2), and I don't have a powerfull ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on March 25, 2008
  • BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Hi, is anyone able to play WMV9 files downloaded with the BBC iPlayer? I can play downloaded files in Windows Media Player 11 ok. But when I share them via Windows Media Player to the Showcenter, the DRM license files seem to transfer ok,&nbsp; but when the file starts to play, I get the message ''not supported'', and sound only i.e. no ...
    Posted to ShowCenter (Forum) by jsoap on February 16, 2008
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