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  • Re: Re:v 20.5 has lost the default 'Titles' and some 'Transition' libraries

    Thanks for your information but&nbsp; trying to reinstall Standard and Bonus Content from the install disc was not successful as they were already ticked/checked and would not action I noted your comment that there should be 17 folders. One of these folders is Sound Effects and that's where GlassBreak.wav is but, as I mentioned ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on May 8, 2017
  • Re: Re:v 20.5 has lost the default 'Titles' and some 'Transition' libraries

    I can see the content folders in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio19\Content and C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studio18\Content, but. Nothing for Studio 20. Studio18\Content folder only contains one folder Hollyood FX Studio19\Content folder only contains eight Folders Hollywood FX, Buttons, IMG-Templates, Menus, ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on May 7, 2017
  • Re: Re:v 20.5 has lost the default 'Titles' and some 'Transition' libraries

    Thanks for that information and that has been done. However, on restarting Studio 20.5, The-Sky-is-the-limit reports that it has missing media. ' GlassBreak.wav' is missing.&nbsp; A search of File Explorer on my machine cannot find this sound file.&nbsp; My own project still has the original problem with transitions I have asked a local ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on May 7, 2017
  • v 20.5 has lost the default 'Titles' and some 'Transition' libraries

    Would appreciate some help as my editing of my current project has stalled as the default libraries for Titles and Transitions seems to have gone AWOL since the update of 20.5 during the week.&nbsp;&nbsp; Obviously the rendering fails with red bars where the transitions should be and cannot insert new titles as the library{s} are ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on May 7, 2017
  • Re: UK Users and auto updating to 20.2

    Sorry jjn.,&nbsp; my update (both parts) went thru very quickly with just a 5 second gap between them and no error messages.&nbsp; I am UK based and updated after the first post on the forum.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have not discovered any problems with the update as yet. GRANDDAD&nbsp;
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on December 29, 2016
  • Re: Studio 20 & Blu-Ray Authoring

    I had a look on my 'Pinnacle Studio Shelf' and read all the details on the many boxes to find that Studio Ultimate version 12 released on or around August 2009 announced the ability to burn 'HD Blu-ray format discs'.&nbsp; It has been a feature of every 'Ultimate' release since that version.&nbsp;&nbsp; Also out of interest, at that ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on September 27, 2016
  • Re: Studio 20 & Blu-Ray Authoring

    Oh dear... money down the drain again! I did re-contribute straight away as I needed to continue with my work (see first post on this thread). However, I can confirm that Blu-Ray authoring &nbsp;was never chargeable in any Studio package prior to version 19.&nbsp; In some versions it did require 'activation' but never a chargeable extra. Of ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on September 26, 2016
  • Re: Studio 20 and SSD drives

    Over the last 6 months all 6 PC's (2 x Desktop, 4 x Laptop) in the household have been upgraded with Samsung 850 Pro 500GB SSD's.&nbsp; In addition the two Desktop's have had the secondary drives replaced as well.&nbsp; The difference is unbelievable with almost instantaneous boot times and the performance of Pinnacle Studio is ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on August 28, 2016
  • Re: Re:Studio 20 Volume KeyFraming

    Hi Saby, many thanks for that and also the prompt response.... really appreciated.&nbsp; Looks to be a bit more accurate now rather than by sight of the eye. I also note that the sound scrubber is now working after I deleted the render files and allowed it to re-render to my current edit status&nbsp; GRANDDAD&nbsp;
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on August 21, 2016
  • Studio 20 Volume KeyFraming

    Can somewhere point an old chap in the right direction please..... I seem to be missing the Volume KeyFraming Icon on&nbsp;Midway down on the RH side of the edit screen. I have all the other Icons present... Trim Mode, Dynamic Length Transition, Magnetic Snapping, Audio Scrub and the Smart edit mode but the Volume Key Framing icon which was ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Granddad on August 21, 2016
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