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  • Re: Time remapping performance

    I did as you suggested and updated my profile, thanks Also tried some experiments.&nbsp; The problem may be Studio choking on Gopro files.&nbsp; I took one on a bike ride yesterday that is about&nbsp; 3.7Gb in size.&nbsp; Studio chokes (stops and then closes) after importing to library and during initial processing after I put on timeline.&nbsp; ...
  • Re: Time remapping performance

    h.264/AVC 1080p, source is gopro 1080p.&nbsp; after further playing around, speeding up clips in edit mode or export mode goes really slow and often crashed studio.&nbsp; I had hoped that rev 23 would be more stable than previous versions.&nbsp; doesn't seem to be.&nbsp; btw, have auto update on and am up to date.
  • Re: Time remapping performance

    no...when in edit mode and I speed up a frame, like going from 1x speed to 5X, the system just seems to not get much utilization, CPU less than 50% and not much disk and it takes a while.&nbsp; When I export for example, all 16 cores fire up to 100%.&nbsp; weird.
  • Time remapping performance

    Just upgraded to 23.&nbsp; also have a new 16 core overclocked PC.&nbsp; Time remapping takes much longer than anything else.&nbsp; CPU utilization is only at ~55%.&nbsp; Not much disk utilization.&nbsp; What gives?&nbsp; why is it so slow?
  • Re: Re:I9k or I9kf?

    That is exactly what I meant. &nbsp;Be great to see some benchmarks comparing the two options, cpu versus video card. &nbsp;I find bencmarks for other editing sw but not studio.&nbsp; on my existing I7 system Ive not seen much difference as measured by rendering time. But I dont have a very high end graphics card.
    Posted to General (Forum) by dadio917 on September 9, 2019
  • I9k or I9kf?

    am building new high end system. &nbsp;It will have a high end video card. &nbsp;Question is whether to also get I9 cpu with integrated graphics engine. &nbsp;Would studio 23 use both video card and cpu graphics engines? thanks&nbsp;
    Posted to General (Forum) by dadio917 on September 9, 2019
  • Re: Re:18 plus and Cuda

    so basically cuda is worthless
    Posted to Installation & Setup (Forum) by dadio917 on May 15, 2016
  • 18 plus and Cuda

    I have a win 7 system, cpu is intel I7 930.&nbsp; Just got a new geforce750 video card.&nbsp; Using a test file I get the same performance rendering with intel selected or cuda selected.&nbsp; I was expecting a performance boos with cuda thinking Pinnacle would spread out the apps across the cpus.&nbsp; &nbsp;What am I missing? Do I need to do ...
    Posted to Installation & Setup (Forum) by dadio917 on May 15, 2016
  • Re: how do i start screen capture?

    cool!&nbsp; thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by dadio917 on February 2, 2014
  • how do i start screen capture?

    I see some threads on the forum that the feature exists but can't figure where it it.&nbsp; Its not listed in the manual. thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by dadio917 on February 2, 2014
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