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  • Re: Graphics Card working?

    UPDATE: Don't know why but computer was running at 1.25ghz with 1 gb memory and when replace another 1gb memory to make total 2gb memory&nbsp; computer is back to 2.1ghz ? Took the other 1gb out as to narrow it down to what's faultyMore info:&nbsp; the simplest task makes the CPU IN TASK MANAGER nearly 100% and when you play a dvd it goes to 100% ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on May 5, 2008
  • Re: Graphics Card working?

    Again thanks for your interest in my problem and the link was to one of my questions for a friend but I think I have found cause of my problem but dont know if its fixable and what cause it. My computer is running at 1,25GHZ when it should be 2.1 GHZ it shows this in a program SiSandra and in System information Any Ideas what cause this and how ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on May 5, 2008
  • Re: Graphics Card working?

    Thanks guys I have worked with S9+ on this computer before and this used to be the work horse and it coped very well but I have another computer [better specs] with S11U installed and S9+ which I do all my Studio editing now. This computer started to play up and I blamed the HD but since I reinstalled WinXP on another harddrive its only when I ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on May 5, 2008
  • Graphics Card working?

    Hi I'm having problems with one of my computer at first I thought it was a HD problem but I have changed it out to a different one and put Win XP on it after some difficultly&nbsp; I finally&nbsp; have that bit working but it the moment with just Nero, PowerDVD and Studio 9+ on it when I go to play either a DVD or edit on S9+ the whole computer ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on May 4, 2008
  • Re: Ideas needed for class video

    Hi I dont know how you are with copy-write&nbsp; but there's a lovely song which is perfect for the ending either with slow motion video or just pictures with the dissolve effect in between The song is by Vitamin C and is called Friends forever [The Graduation song ] Hope you like it &nbsp;
  • Re: I still have 9.3.5

    Hi, I would keep S9 as I have the same both S9+ and S11U as I do the editing and save avi's on S11U but burn the files with S9+ as the quality is a bit better. Pinnacle is looking into that difference?
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on April 5, 2008
  • Re: AW: New S11 patch due 5 days ago (Mar 21)

    I haven't burned too many projects on S11U of yet but so far no problems with audio would I need to DL this patch [ if it ain't broken don't fix it ] comes to mind. Another reason for not having any problems with S11U is that I'm editing in S11U and burning with S9+&nbsp; as I'm having better output with S9+. Pinnacle knows about this and is ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by jorokiry on March 27, 2008
  • Re: Studio 11 Poor quality output

    This might not be the full cause of your problem but it might be a part of it. I have found a difference in S9+ and S11U and have reported it to Pinnacle and gave them an Example below and they give me an answer. S9+ = Custom for a 2hr 22mins dvd at 3850 kbits is 51% Dolby 2 channel and S11U = Custom for 2hr 22mins dvd at 3850 kbits is 45% Dolby ...
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by jorokiry on March 6, 2008
  • Re: Install S9+

    Hi R Vera thanks for reply, I think I will leave my set-up as it is for the moment don't want to upset the apple cart for now as I have Smartsounds and Scorefitter&nbsp; working in S11U. Cheers
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by jorokiry on March 6, 2008
  • Re: Install S9+

    Hi Marcus my S9+ and S11U seems to working OK but its only the smartsounds on S9+ that isn't working I can preview and add to movie&nbsp; but its when I go to play it the render bar comes up and goes away very quickly as if it didn't render and then there's no volume on the smartsound sample I wonder is it working in BOTH Studio's for R ...
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by jorokiry on March 5, 2008
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