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  • Re: Dv camcorder not shown in import bar studio 21.5

    Ok so I just temporarily got this fixed on a corel ticket , by deleting S21.5 , installing my original 21.0 version from my backup disk and then applying patch 21.1 and 21.2, supplied by corel support, I also updated to the legacy firewire driver at the same time although I don't believe that this was a contributing factor to the problem. So if ...
    Posted to Import (Forum) by RRH on August 3, 2018
  • Re: Dv camcorder not shown in import bar studio 21.5

    I am having the same issue with both my HDV camera's since the 21.5 patch cam out, Corel support keeps telling me its a firewire driver issue but its not, as They are detected and function perfectly in 3 other capture programs , and worked fine when P21.0 first was installed in January.&nbsp; It is only since the 21.5 patch came out that the HDV ...
    Posted to Import (Forum) by RRH on August 3, 2018
  • crashing when importing titles into edit ...windows 10 Pro V1709 and S21 ultimate latest Version

    I am having a terrible time with Studio 21 ultimate, crashing and causing&nbsp; restarts A: when binging titles into the project, when editing them when they go to re render or if I go to save a title bang shut down and restart. B: when I do get titles into a project and working right in edit I am getting the same crashing and restarting issue ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by RRH on January 13, 2018
  • Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    Well after reading the forum and all of the issues&nbsp;I am not even going to make the switch, so that solves that problem. I will just keep plunking along with S14 Or 15 for my quick and dirty work.
    Posted to General (Forum) by RRH on November 1, 2011
  • Re: AVID Studio VS Pinnacle studio ???

    Thanks all From what I have read over on the AS forum it seems as though I will just avoid it like the plague for now, and consider a new install of S15. at This point I don't see any advantage&nbsp;to making the switch, Maybe they will get it right with a future patch or with the next addition, but from what I am reading over on the avid forum ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by RRH on November 1, 2011
  • AVID Studio VS Pinnacle studio ???

    Hi Guy's I am in the process of building a new editing system, I have been using Pinnacle studio since V7 and as such have accumulated a ton of purchased add ons. MY issue is that I have done upgrade on upgrade, then new install &amp; upgrade &amp;&nbsp;upgrade ect, you all know the How it goes. My last clean install was S11 &amp; we are ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by RRH on October 26, 2011
  • Re: Poor quailty Mpeg2 output in HD and DVD

    No I alway burn&nbsp; my disks out of Roxio Pro, Just a stupid workflow we sorta developed back when earlier versions of studio's disc burn engine wasn't very robust or reliable. I think the first version of studio I have&nbsp; is 6 or 7. we upgraded through to S11 then started fresh at S11 &amp; have upgraded from there since. Its funny we ...
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by RRH on September 25, 2011
  • Re: Poor quailty Mpeg2 output in HD and DVD

    I Need to compile&nbsp;files for both, DVD, And BD discs&nbsp; as the client wants both,&nbsp;so I am rendering everything twice, Thanks I will Try the 1440X 1080 60i setting with the hdv2 preset&nbsp;that I was outputing at 1920X1080 60i, to see if it's&nbsp; any better. NO It was not concerning the preview quality, it was the actual output ...
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by RRH on September 23, 2011
  • Poor quailty Mpeg2 output in HD and DVD

    I am haveing a bit of a problem with HD render showing a fair bit of antilizing artifacting. I am capturing from both an Canon XH-A1 HDV &amp; a Canon HVX30 HDV camcorders, source footage shot at 1080i 60i, the captured footage looks great inraw playback&nbsp;but when I render I am seeing heavy artifacting especially on panning shots, with ...
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by RRH on September 21, 2011
  • Re: Studio 12 on 64-Bit Vista

    rlb:Currently, my biggest problem with Studio 12 and Vista 64 is installing old plugins from prior verisons of Studio.&nbsp; I have some plugins that appear to install and provide activation keys, but when I apply the activation key a ''Feature not found'' message appears.&nbsp; Very frustrating, since I can see the plugin feature in ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by RRH on January 15, 2009
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