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  • Re: Audio Levels

    Marc P.:Click ''Toolbox'' and Click ''Change Volume''.Wanna put money on that suggestion actually working? In my experience its basically not possible unless you first go and define individual volume handles on the particular clip, and even then, good luck with changing the volume of only the selected clip as a whole
    Posted to Studio - Edit (Forum) by LvR on June 12, 2008
  • Re: USB, Firewire, or good old fashion RCA cables

    ComputerGeek6425: USB is good for just plain, old file transfers.&nbsp; There really isn't much special.&nbsp; When using a USB your video quality won't be great.&nbsp; Firewire, however, is specifically made to transfer large files fast.&nbsp; I personally use Firewire to becuase of the speed and the great quality.&nbsp; Although, the ultimate ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on April 14, 2008
  • Re: Question for you DVDShrink peoples

    taterhead:Is DVDShrink a better compression program than that used by Studio?&nbsp; I just burned a 112 minute DVD and noticed that the quality was down to 58%.&nbsp; Will I get better output quality if I render the movie to a folder but not burn the disk, compress it with DVDShrink and then burn the DVD?In my experience yes - but only if you ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on March 29, 2008
  • Re: Studio Plus 9.4.3 DEP errors

    No need for any increase in heart rate. I'll see what can be done about putting this in the FAQs. Thanks for posting the solution guys. &nbsp; Bittmann, i've sent you a PM.&nbsp; From where I sit I guess there is - especially as my post had to first pass moderation in a thread where there has obviously been no need for at that stage. My ...
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by LvR on March 11, 2008
  • Re: Studio Plus 9.4.3 DEP errors

    marcus_isaac:Just keep us up to date in regards to this issue ChrissieExcuse me for butting in , but exactly what sort of update are you REALLY interested in? Are we really getting close to the point where more than 100000 users complained about this and you now need to urgently arrange the solution should that threshold be crossed?
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by LvR on March 10, 2008
  • Re: When ARE you going to fix the "no sound on DVD" bug?

    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by LvR on February 4, 2008
  • Re: Task Manager Question

    That is IMO such a tremendously individualized situation that nobody would be able to say if its either good or bad. &nbsp; System components and optimization, tuning, other SW running&nbsp;etc etc all play such a huge role that there can surely be no indication as to what is either good or bad unless you have exactly the same setup with exactly ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by LvR on January 21, 2008
  • Re: How to Burn DIRECT to DVD without caputring on PC?

    With a DV camcorder, you can use the Pinnacle supplied (with Studio 10 and 11)&nbsp;app called Instant DVD (start,programs, Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder). You tell the app how long your expected tape source is, it will choose appropriate settings to make it fit on the DVD media of your choice, you hit start, IDVD will control the cam, and once ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by LvR on January 10, 2008
  • Re: Studio Ultimate 11.1 Running out of Memory

    With so much RAM I would simply disable the swap-file completely and see if that solves the problem. &nbsp; Same basic setup here and with only 2G Ram, I permanently run with no swap-file and no complaints from Studio so far
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on January 8, 2008
  • Re: ReadyBoost

    I would be really interested to see what your thumb-drive benches with a detail benchmark program like ATTO&nbsp;(can you post a screen-shot of it?) - I don't believe there are many (any?) thumb-drives fast enough to outperform&nbsp;a typical hard drive nowadays. &nbsp;IMO its a waste of money and you can&nbsp;do way better by maxing out your ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by LvR on December 18, 2007
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