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  • Re: Do you think a SSD (Solid State Drive) as a render drive would improve performance

    VE7AXO:You won't gain any real speed transferring data with a SSD using the current technology.&nbsp; The typical SSD write speed is about 100 MBytes/sec, while HDD's&nbsp;go up to 3 GBytes/sec.3 GBytes a second eh? ...................... any benches you care to mention to substantiate that claim? &nbsp;
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on November 20, 2008
  • Re: sharper pictures in 12.1 & 10.7

    Agreed ...................... and, after going through a stupid copy process and then&nbsp;having to now store 2 sets of pictures (the ''as-is'' and ''_HQ'' versions) just so S12 can do the logical thing is a plain pain in the patootie and a simple waste of space imo - especially when the net S12 result is not always consistent&nbsp;
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by LvR on November 20, 2008
  • Re: sharper pictures in 12.1 & 10.7

    All of what Richard said there&nbsp; ...................&nbsp; in addition to this imo pedantic method devised by Pinnacle to now use full-res pics on std DVDs in S12 (follow BittMann's&nbsp;working link)&nbsp;
    Posted to Studio - Make Movie (Forum) by LvR on November 20, 2008
  • Re: Black & White with no sound : Movie Box

    chris-edi: Nope its just a VHS VCR.&nbsp;&nbsp; There is no s-video on it, I'm getting hte s-vdeo connected through a scart adapter.&nbsp; ie the cable goes from scart on the vcr to s-video+audio on my moviebox. There you go then -&nbsp;&nbsp; there simply is no proper Svideo signal available to feed the moviebox - scart/cable with Svideo ...
    Posted to Studio - Capture (Forum) by LvR on November 1, 2008
  • Re: Black & White with no sound : Movie Box

    Do you in fact have a S-VHS VCR? Scart plugs/cables are ''universal'' animals -&nbsp; ie - they will have the S-video connections present and usable even though your VCR is unable to output S-video signals. &nbsp; I would suggest you try the composite video RCA&nbsp;connection&nbsp;and select in Studio the same while capturing (assuming you ...
    Posted to Studio - Capture (Forum) by LvR on October 31, 2008
  • Re: Thin line of distortion at bottom of capture viewer...

    I have not had every one of those in my hands to experiment with personally, but from experience, I would suspect that at least all the Movieboxes using the same driver will have the mystery '' hidden analogue cropping feature''
    Posted to Studio - Capture (Forum) by LvR on October 28, 2008
  • Re: Thin line of distortion at bottom of capture viewer...

    I have commented ad-infinitum&nbsp;on this particular topic and the USB710 (other models too) but the guys at Pinnacle always would have us believe they know better and simply refuse to budge. &nbsp; There is already a crop feature built into the drivers for the USB710 ...................... you are&nbsp;simply actively prevented from accessing ...
    Posted to Studio - Capture (Forum) by LvR on October 27, 2008
  • Re: Is Switching From Vista 32 to Vista 64 worth it?

    wellsdesigned: I've tried a topic search for an answer to this and can't find a straightforward question and answer to what I want to know. What I want to know is if it is a big improvement in processing time to go from Vista 32 to Vista 64?&nbsp; Has anyone started out using Studio 11 or 12 on Windows Vista 32 and then upgraded to Vista ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on September 17, 2008
  • Re: quad cores

    anon125: can a quad be upgraded to a 6? just insert a new chip? probably way too expensive an idea. Short answer?............... NO. &nbsp; Currently we have socket 775 chips. &nbsp; Nehalem (new CPU family)&nbsp;and Bloomfield (motherboard chipsets) will have 1366 pins (from my memory) .................... and the memory controller will ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by LvR on September 15, 2008
  • Re: Here we go again...now its the dazzle

    susiesnowflake:It just doesn't show up in certain spots it will sometime travel to the entire screen. If you look closely it almost looks like there is another video playing within those little squares. Its all colorful. Hi Susie BittMann pinged and said there is a damsel in distress somewhere in the world ...
    Posted to Studio - Installation & Setup (Forum) by LvR on September 2, 2008
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