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  • Re: Re:Can liquid 7 run on windows 7?

    GoofyTimL:EDIUS* Software should arrive Friday. &nbsp;Not sure when I can get the PC built, or bought. &nbsp;We'll see. &nbsp;Still looking over the DIY info Phil sent me. Tim, I built a computer a few months ago, very similar to that DIY9.5 that Videoguys have done (see my profile for more details).&nbsp; I made it primarily with Media ...
  • Re: Prosumer Codecs?

    plemmens:Wanna have a first look? And how about a ''second look''?&nbsp; This first hands-on review is&nbsp;from today's RedShark issue:&nbsp; ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on August 23, 2013
  • Re: driver for old pinnacle tuner

    As David Hunt said earlier, if the source of your cable TV signal can be, for example&nbsp;''TV Out'' from the TV or from a VCR, then with a pass through-capable camcorder the analogue TV signal would be converted to digital by the camera, without the need of the tuner card.&nbsp; If you can't find a driver, that could be a possible alternative ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on August 18, 2013
  • Re: driver for old pinnacle tuner

    My old Sony DCR-TRV-210, a Digital 8 camera, does a very good job of analogue to digital passthrough conversion.&nbsp; You should be able to pick one up for not much money.&nbsp; There are many other models of D8 and even Mini DV or HDV cameras with passthrough (i.e. with analogue video/audio inputs), as BARYE has suggested.&nbsp; The added ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on August 15, 2013
  • Re: Windows Live Mail Error

    BARYE: not sure -- but Outlook Express is not a separate deployable&nbsp;application. You'd have to understand what files to use, and how to install them.&nbsp; FWIW, I too use Outlook (which I don't pay for) -- but I actually prefer Outlook Express for its simplicity and familiarity... I agree with you, BARYE.&nbsp; OE is much less ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on July 1, 2013
  • Re: Windows Live Mail Error

    BARYE: VE7AXO:...stay with either my then-current Outlook Express ... but Win 7 (incomprehensibly) does not have&nbsp;Outlook Express -- Did you add it manually ??&nbsp; Actually I am now using Outlook (got MS Office OEM version included with the computer) for e-mail.&nbsp; However, installing manually might work for Outlook ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on June 28, 2013
  • Re: Windows Live Mail Error

    For what it's worth, I heard from my local computer ''guru'' that Windows Live Mail is problematic and he advises to not use it at this time.&nbsp; I don't know what the exact problems may be, but two months ago I upgraded to a Win 7 (64 bit) OS and that's when he suggested to stay with either my then-current Outlook Express or to use Thunderbird ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on June 26, 2013
  • Re: IngolfZ, my final decision

    Welcome back, Ingolf &nbsp;
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on June 19, 2013
  • Re: Windows 8 News

    So, Microsoft plans on an update to Windows 8 with a Start button, a classical interface designed for a&nbsp;non-touch screen, all the things that customers have been clamouring for! &nbsp;Well, I must be ahead of these futuristic developments because not only do I already have all these features, but I am one ahead of MS.&nbsp; When I boot up my ...
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by VE7AXO on June 13, 2013
  • Re: Pinnacle not recognizing external camcorder

    For what it's worth, I recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 (64-bit) and now my Avid Media Composer sees my HDV camera (Sony HC7) as a ''Generic DV Device'' and won't capture.&nbsp; My work around, until I solve this mystery, is&nbsp;to simply use Windows Movie Maker for importing the MPEG2 video from the camera tape to the HDD and then bring it ...
    Posted to Studio - General Forum (Forum) by VE7AXO on May 28, 2013
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