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  • Re: No audio on exported projects

    When I have problem with sound its most often bigger files, with text and effects. Therefore i think my problem is just a slow computer. maybe others dont have the same problem but could use my solution until their is a fix in Pinnacle or driver updates. I think pinnacle get error reports from users, because I send error reports to Windows anyway ...
    Posted to Export (Forum) by john_soderberg on October 8, 2021
  • Re: Export setting: Youtube

    Thx for your reply ''I do not believe that you can stop YouTube from processing the uploaded videos.'' -Maybe true, I dont know. But I have seen this setting on other video editing programs and the reason for that setting was that youtube should not change format when you upload.&nbsp; If H264/AVC for an example is the best setting for ...
    Posted to Feature Requests (Forum) by john_soderberg on October 7, 2021
  • Re: No audio on exported projects

    I have the same problem and my solution is: 1. Make the whole video. 2. Then remove all sound and export only the video with effects and text. 3. After that you remove everything except the sound and export only the sound. 4. Then make a new project with the clip without sound and the sound. (it should only be 2 files) then it will work. ...
    Posted to Export (Forum) by john_soderberg on October 6, 2021
  • Export setting: Youtube

    Hi, &nbsp; I would like to have an export choice that is compatible with youtube. So when i export their should be i choice like ''mp4 (youtube)'' 1080 p and 4k and 8k and whatever format youtube uses. &nbsp;Beacuse now im filming in with one-two diffrent formats, exporting it in another, then youtube change format on their site when i upload ...
    Posted to Feature Requests (Forum) by john_soderberg on October 6, 2021
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