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  • Re: Crashing Problems

    I have already tried Reset.&nbsp; However I have repeated the process but separated the clip, which I hadn't done before.&nbsp; It plays back fine!&nbsp; I have taken my own clip which I have been having problems with, reset the time remapping and it also works fine!&nbsp; I am mystified as to what I have been doing wrong, if anything.&nbsp; ...
  • Re: Crashing Problems

    Thank you for your reply.&nbsp; As I'm new to Pinnacle (previously Windows Movie Maker)&nbsp; &amp; I'm not totally sure if I'm doing everything correctly so here is the sequence. Loaded sample film 'The Sky is the Limit' to the timeline.&nbsp; Highlighted the last clip as it is long.&nbsp; Opened Time Remapping.&nbsp; Set scrubber to start of ...
  • Re: Crashing Problems

    At first I did wonder whether I was being too quick to playback but then waited for the render bar to complete its work without success.&nbsp; I then deleted the entire section that was giving the problem, re-imported the clip and started again but without any improvement.
  • Re: Crashing Problems

    I also have this problem with my Pinnacle Studio 23 basic, specifically Time Remapping.&nbsp; I started in February with some short clips to learn and used Time Remapping successfully.&nbsp; Now on playback in the timeline the video freezes but the soundtrack continues until the end and the programme closes.&nbsp; I restart and remove all Time ...
  • 3-D Titles Font

    I have Studio 23 Basic downloaded in February.&nbsp; When I create a 3-D title and set my chosen font, the text changes as expected. However if I then decide to split the title text into two lines by pressing Enter in the usual way, the font then changes to Segoe UI.&nbsp; It is almost as though that is the default font and will only revert if I ...
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