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  • Flickering video distortions

    Hello.&nbsp; I placed a few short videos in my timeline and all work great except for one.&nbsp; When playing back at 1x speed, there are several short flickering distortions (kind of like tracking distortions) that will happen at various times. If i play the video at a fast or slower speed or even slowly move the scrub line over this does not ...
  • Pinnacle Studio 22 photo color

    Hello.&nbsp; I just purchased Pinnacle Studio 22.&nbsp; The first thing I did was drop some photos on the timeline.&nbsp; When looking at the photos on the timeline and even the editor, the colors are normal but on the timeline playback window, the photo colors are all off.&nbsp; Not sure if I hit something to cause the colors to be distorted? ...
  • Pinnacle Studio 18 audio help

    Hello.&nbsp; I have been creating a timeline with videos and adding scorefitter music. Technically it works, but every now and then the scorefitter audio track just stops working. Even the sound level bar does not move.&nbsp; But I can pause the video or move the time up or down for a few seconds, resume playing and the scorefitter track will play ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ScottD4 on April 24, 2019
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