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  • Re: Re:Motion Titles

    Hi Saby Thank you for getting back to me so soon. If I find a way to hack into V14's title editor from V23 I'll be sure to let you know. Best regards Tony
  • Motion Titles

    Hi All I'm sure that Tony_P will have something to say about this little issue. Maybe even Saby will offer his two-penny-worth. It's regarding the way motion tites work In Studio 23. I find that in creating a motion title the text appears very suddenly and isn't as nice as the method used in some previous versions of Studio. I have created a two ...
  • Re: Scorefitter

    Solved. I found it by mistake.
  • Scorefitter

    Hello All The Scorefitter music in Studio 23 Ult. does not have the same songs available as Studio 14. Funny thing is; if I navigate to the Scorefitter folder with Win Explorer I find that the song list is the same in both versions except that V23 has more. However, The ones in V23 that are the same as those of V14 are not immediately available. ...
  • Re: Inserting clips

    Ahh! now that makes sense. Thanks I'll practice that and see how I get on. When you say draw a box around all the assets, I take it you mean all items on all tracks after or at the point to move.
  • Re: Inserting clips

    Hello Tony Thank you for that link. However, it doesn't begin to answer the question. Firstly, I can't create the spaces shown in the tutorial, into which clips can be inserted. In my example I demonstrate how I can select all the clips and then shift them. (My inelegant solution.) That's OK if there are only a few clips to select. The tutorial ...
  • Inserting clips

    Hello HelpersI think I have another problem with Studio 23 Ultimate, (build number:; This is all to do with the Insert Mode/Intelligent Mode. Here is a link to an example on my Google drive, which demonstrates what is happenning. It may be that this is correct and I'm misinterpreting the function. Please lt me know if this is the ...
  • Re: Re:Exposure/Keyframes

    Hi All I haven't continued this thread for a long time - sorry. I have come to realize that this not only applies to the Expossure, but to other effects and even some transitions. I have come to the conclusion that Studio 23 doesn't work well with interlaced video. I havn't tried de-interlacing first; I suppose that is something I'll have to try. ...
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 26, also versions 25->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on February 21, 2021
  • Re: Green screen

    Hi Lublin I haven't done anything more about this. I imported that clip again and the issue went away. I had hoped that somebody would have answered the question as to whether they had had a similar issue and if so, what they did to fix it; rather than trying to analyse it as a first step. Thanks for your interest. Regards Tony&nbsp;
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 26, also versions 25->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on February 21, 2021
  • Green screen

    Here we go again. I now have another issue. This may start hapenning at any time during editing. When I divide a clip, the last frame before the cut turns to a whole green screen. If I remove the cur (Ctrl + Z) it reverts to normal. Cut somewhere else gives green screen again. Cutting the single green frame just moves it back one so that it is ...
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