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  • Re: Re:Full screen preview

    Yep. Got that. It sort of works ok but I'm currently working on an old movie that was recorded in 4:3 so I need to fix that. However, that is not an issue for you as I need to change the TV from 19:9 Many thanksd for your kind assistance. I should really have found that for myself. Best regards
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 16, 2021
  • Re: Re:Full screen preview

    Hi Saby Thank you for your quick response. First I'll just say I ran the Control Panel Reset option and I'm back to the original condition. Secondly I'm afraid I don't quite understand your suggestion. What do you mean by undock the preview window? could you please be more specific.
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 16, 2021
  • Full screen preview

    Hello All - yet again I have found that when I've exported a video - doesn't really matter what to, but let's say in MP4 to a flash drive - then play it through on a large TV I find that I havn't corrected video quality as well as I thought I had. So I decided to connect a TV to the HDMI connector on the Graphics card. Windows and Studio see this ...
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 16, 2021
  • Re: Pan & Zoom Keyframes

    Thank you jjn for that information. I didn't realise it was the relevent library item I needed to select. Now it makes sense and I can see what's going on. Regards Tony
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 13, 2021
  • Pan & Zoom Keyframes

    Hi Chaps, me - again I'm experiencing some difficulties using keyframes in Pan &amp; Zoom. I'll put in separate questions so that you can decipher my issues. I have included a screenshot to assist: 1)&nbsp; Shouldn't there be a Source and a Timeline view box?&nbsp; As you will see there is only the Timeline box view. 2)&nbsp; When I select the ...
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 13, 2021
  • Re: Pinnacle Studio Repair

    By using CCleaner are you, by some chance, implying that Pinnacle's RegDelete also doesn't work? Although I have no evidence to support my suspicion, I have never trusted CCleaner. I have read - perhaps erroneous, even malicious - reports that CCleaner may remove registry entries that should remain. RegDelete, on the other hand, may, by ...
    Posted to Pinnacle Studio 25, also versions 24->Avid Studio (Forum) by Tony_IOM on November 10, 2021
  • Re: Pinnacle Studio Repair

    That's come as something of a relief, to me; to know that I'm not alone. Like you, I use Revo uninstaller but being a cheapskate, I use the free version. It's always done as much I need. Thanks for your re-assurance Tony and Saby.
  • Pinnacle Studio Repair

    Hi All Does Pinnacle Studio Repair actually do anything? or is it kidology? Several times I have run this and every time I get 6 popups, all at the same stage of the process, saying: ''Pinnacle Studio has encountered a problem''. At the end of the process there is a very exciting sreen with a large green tick and stating the same message. And it ...
  • Re: Audible "POP"

    First comment: What a bummer. I noticed that but not until the message was posted. That's a pity really as it's better, for me at least, to compose a complicated explanation in a WP. Does the same happen in text formats such as Notepad? Anyway, I'll avoid it in furture. &nbsp; Second comment: thank you very much for your explanation. I'm fairly ...
  • Audible "POP"

    Well, at least Im keeping you busy. This may be a simple matter for you but I find it very puzzling and dont even know if I can explain what is happening in any coherent way, so here goes. &nbsp; Im re-hashing an old video of a family wedding that was recorded by a videographer in 1986, on a VHS camcorder, who didnt seem know about ...
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