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Subtitles line width reduces during export

Last post 11-14-2023, 14:04 by adolphus25. 2 replies.
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  •  11-13-2023, 18:43 830226

    Subtitles line width reduces during export

    I am adding subtitles onto a video using the Title Editor. I configure the subtitles as needed, including adjusting the width so that long strings of text can display on a single line. However, during video export, the width of these subtitle windows is inadvertently shrunk, causing long strings of text to break up into multiple lines. This only happens during export; on the editor/timeline, the subtitles display normally as I want them to.

    As displayed in the editor/timeline:

    As displayed during export / final video:

    What is the cause of this? Thanks in advance!

  •  11-14-2023, 8:58 830231 in reply to 830226

    Re: Subtitles line width reduces during export

    One known cause of that unwanted width change is if the "pixel aspect ratio" during editing (project timeline settings) does not match with that used during export - there could be other causes too (for example sometimes related to how the titler handles particular fonts...)


    • Edit in a full-HD project (e.g. timeline settings 1920x1080) - the pixels are square
    • Export in a standard-definition format (e.g. for a DVD (720x480 or 720x576)) - the pixels are rectangular

    To eliminate that particular cause, set the project timeline to use the same settings as you will be using for the export (so both have square pixels, or both have rectangular pixels). You will very likely have to edit the titles to get rid of the unwanted line wrapping, but once done they should export the same as they appear when previewing while editing.


  •  11-14-2023, 14:04 830233 in reply to 830231

    Re: Subtitles line width reduces during export

    Thank you Richard! I changed the resolution in the Editor --> Corrections --> Adjustments to match the original video's resolution, and that fixed it right up. 
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