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PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

Last post 03-05-2023, 10:24 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  03-03-2023, 23:00 827101

    PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    in previous ultimate editions there was an effect in the ADD ON effects list called , i believe autopan. where is this in St26ult? if it is not in ps26ult, is there something that can take its place somewhere in psult? 
  •  03-04-2023, 4:36 827104 in reply to 827101

    Re: PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    I don't ever recall a feature of this name. What did it do? If it was part of the NewBlue plugins then these were dropped some versions ago.
  •  03-04-2023, 4:44 827105 in reply to 827104

    Re: PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    Yes, NewBlue Auto pan in Elements collection.

    The same can be achieved easily using Pan and zoom tool included in Editor of PS26.


  •  03-04-2023, 14:07 827115 in reply to 827105

    Re: PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    FWIW - the Auto Pan effect was included in Newblue Video Essentials VII (provided with PS23 Ultimate). The motion presets it provides are all fairly simple, and straightforward to create using an animated pan & zoom in the built-in Pan & Zoom tool - or even the Properties tool.
  •  03-05-2023, 8:31 827124 in reply to 827115

    Betreft: Re: PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    is still in studio 26



  •  03-05-2023, 10:24 827126 in reply to 827124

    Re:Betreft: Re: PS26ult-where's autopan effect?

    Not by default.

    It means that your NB FX has transfered from a previous version of Studio present on your PC at the time of PS26's installation.

    Corel is no longer delivering NB FX since PS24.


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