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Pinnacle Black Friday recommendations?

Last post 11-25-2022, 14:04 by Tony P. 3 replies.
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  •  11-22-2022, 19:47 825348

    Pinnacle Black Friday recommendations?

    Opening PS today I see the black friday deals.   Any of the items you folks think is a good deal, great elements for videos? Animated overlays, motion graphics, etc.  I guess they're all good deals based on the discount, I guess any of these you've found high quality, really added something to your work. 

    Only thing I've really purchased in the past beside PS was NewBlue Total FX when it was on sale and recommended here.  


  •  11-23-2022, 5:50 825357 in reply to 825348

    Re: Pinnacle Black Friday recommendations?

    NBFX TFX7 is about the best you are going to get. 

    For the work I do, I really don't require overlays. If I need one, I head to where I've been a member there "forever". 

  •  11-25-2022, 12:30 825402 in reply to 825357

    Re: Pinnacle Black Friday recommendations?

    Thanks! I'm a member of StudioBacklot until Oct 24. I guess I just need to spend more time there.  I probably haven't scratched the surface of everything that came with NB TFX7.   Lately the one thing I've been struggling with the most is Color Grading. Both video and photos.  Was wondering if the Black Friday deal on Corel Paint Shop Pro was any good, or I just go with something like light room for photo color grading.  Trying to color grade on my PC seems a little painful, so I was hoping I could export a frame, color grade it in a more responsive program, create a lut, then apply that lut to my work in PInnacle.  Just purchased a CPU upgrade for Black Friday - going from AMD Ryzen 5 3600 to Ryzen 7 5800x.   Online CPU benchmarks give it good marks.  Just hope I'm not too hampered by my graphics card - AMD Radeon RX 5700.


  •  11-25-2022, 14:04 825404 in reply to 825402

    Re: Pinnacle Black Friday recommendations?

    Color grading and correction does take time to get the "look" you want. LUT's (Look Up Table) can speed up the process and get you in the "ballpark" and you can fine tune after that.

    Here is a Humble Bundle deal for PaintShop Pro (not Ultimate version), Aftershot Pro 3 (RAW editing),  Painter 2022, Winzip, and Corel Videostudio Pro 2022 (not the Ultimate) and a bunch of brushes and other "stuff" you may never use for $31.55.

    It's 100% legit and 1600 sold so far. I've bought enough games and software from them to last a while.  

    If you do decide to purchase from HB (you don't have to subscribe), I suggest you go down to "Adjust Donation", Custom and decide how much HB, Charity and Corel get.

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