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Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

Last post 09-20-2022, 14:04 by SBaiera. 7 replies.
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  •  09-14-2022, 12:22 824179

    Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    I've owned numerous versions of Pinnacle and/or Avid Studio going all the way back to version 3.  Most recently releases v19, v20, and now v26.  Rendering has always been a bit slow, and I chalked that up to a combination of the HW and SW.  However, my latest machine has plenty of HW capacity.  PS26U just doesn't make use of it.  I've done a lot of things to increase performance, but rendering just doesn't improve a lot.  Rendering is still [too] slow -IMHO.  It seems like PS26U doesn't grab enough available resources.  The CPU, RAM and GPU are all underutilized during rendering and playback, and playback while rendering can be choppy.  I can understand that on a lesser machine, but my machine is not being taxed hard at all.


    MSI Unify x570 Motherboard

    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - 8 Core - 16 threads - overclocked to 4300 Mhz

    32 GB DDR4-3200 overclocked to 3733 Mhz

    AMD 5500 XT GPU (PCI-4) 8 GB DDR6 RAM - overclocked RAM and GPU

    Sabrent 1 GB PCI-4 M2.SSD


    Windows 11 Pro

    Latest updates and drivers

    AMD Adrenaline Edition drivers; However, I'm considering switching to the AMD Pro Edition to see if that make any difference.

    Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate

    PS26U Control Panel Settings:

    Optimization Threshold:  100% Aggressive

    Render While Playing:  Auto

      HW Acceleration:  AMD (Auto Detect)

    The GPU is definitely being utilized, but not taxed. 

    Performance Tweaks:

    CPU, RAM, GPU overclocking (benchmarked performance)

      Setting PS26U processes/render processes to high in Windows Task Manager

    Anti-Virus exceptions for render processes, and render file location.  Have also tried with AV disabled.

    Using a RAM Drive for render files -everything else is on SSD.  Can't get any faster than a RAM Drive.

    Not sure that there is anything else I can do on my end, especially since PS26U just doesn't seem to use what's already available, nor does it seem to have any other options for tweaking performance.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this one.


  •  09-14-2022, 13:57 824180 in reply to 824179

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    Below are some stats from the Task Manager while background rendering on the edit screen with full playback resolution.

    CPU - is 35-40% utilized and 60-65% idle.

    Memory - Pinnacle Studio.exe ~845,000K; BGRnd.exe ~590,000K  PS26U is probably using 2 - 2.5 MB in total.

    GPU Engine - GPU 0-3D 

    GPU Memory - Pinnacle Studio.exe ~428,000K; BGRnd.exe ~285,000K

    BG Rendering is slow and playback during BG Rendering is choppy.

    If the system was heavily taxed then this would make sense, but they system isn't being utilized, and it's still slow and choppy. 

  •  09-14-2022, 14:38 824181 in reply to 824180

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    Some suggestions that might help...

    If your copy of Studio 26 hasn't already downloaded and offered you the 26.0.1 patch, make sure you download and install it (do an update check from within the program). If the update is already installed, Studio's veersion number will appear as

    Don't use optimization threshold=100; that causes the entire timeline to be background rendered, even the easy parts that your PC can play smoothly on-the-fly without needing to use render files. Instead, find parts of your project that don't play smoothly unassisted and increase the level of optimization threshold in stages from zero (click "apply" after each change) until you find a value at which those parts are rendered, but "easy" parts are not. You could find that the setting turns out somewhere between 50 and 70, depending on what's in your project... If your project is omposed entirely of "easy" things that do preview smoothly without needing to use render files, you could even try turning background rendering off (optimization threshold = 0)!

    If you don't use a huge second monitor to preview your project, try setting the preview resolution (new control underneath the preview monitior window) to 1/2 or 1/4 (or even 1/8 if you're working with 4K footage).


  •  09-14-2022, 15:56 824183 in reply to 824179

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    I also have a strong computer hardware (i9-9900K, RTX 3050 8GB VRAM and 32GB RAM 3600Mhz), and yet the PS26U works slowly, renederates and exports the movie similar to the integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics card that I have used so far, which is a big surprise for me. Doesn't this software use the potential of modern GPUs? Also, I don't know why my video is stuttering during playback on the timeline, video appears late while audio is working normally. Did you have a similar problem? How to deal with this?
  •  09-14-2022, 16:45 824186 in reply to 824183

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware



    I don't know what you do to write your messages but the result is a very long line with an horizontal slider to display it.

  •  09-20-2022, 14:01 824281 in reply to 824181

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    Thanks, Richard.  I have the latest patch installed.  I will experiment with your suggestions.

    However, the real issue that myself and others appear to be having is with PS26U not making use of available resources in order to get more done faster.

    I have plenty of horsepower to spare when PS26U is running and rendering.  I wish it would use it.

  •  09-20-2022, 14:02 824282 in reply to 824183

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    My experience has been somewhat similar to yours.

    Our PCs have available resources that PS26U isn't making use of. 

  •  09-20-2022, 14:04 824283 in reply to 824180

    Re: Slow Rendering - Not making use of available hardware

    I opened a support case, and I've provided them with the information that was requested.

    I don't know if anything will come of it, or not.

    If we find any answers, I'll be sure to post here.

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