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Impossible to install PS25U

Last post 11-24-2022, 6:10 by Tony P. 12 replies.
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  •  08-12-2022, 8:58 823313

    Impossible to install PS25U


    I bought version 25 a few weeks ago, I contacted support who does not answer, I come here to post my concerns.

    I fill in my ID, my license, etc. and when I click on install I get a "Registration Failed" message.

    I disabled the firewall, created a new local windows account and nothing changed.

    Anyone have a solution? Thanks

  •  08-16-2022, 2:13 823490 in reply to 823313

    Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    I still haven't heard back from support, it's a shame. 1 month an open ticket with 1 answer that just tells me to deactivate the firewalls...

    Anyone have a solution please?
  •  08-16-2022, 5:00 823495 in reply to 823490

    Re: Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    First, how about filling out your User Profile. It's there for a reason, especially the computer specs.

    Have you tried re-downloading and installing the software again? 

    Can you confirm that the serial number you have is the one that is in your Corel account? 

    Turn off antivirus software? 

    Installing on a laptop or desktop? Do you have Wifi on the computer? 

  •  08-16-2022, 17:48 823539 in reply to 823495

    Re: Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I will take the time to fill out my profile on the forum soon and bring the specs of my computer.

    I downloaded the .exe again and tried again without success.

    In relation to my Corel profile everything is in order, I see my license and that is what I need to fill in.

    Yes I have disabled antivirus.

    I'm trying to install it on my computer by connecting directly with a cable to the box.
  •  08-17-2022, 4:31 823558 in reply to 823539

    Re: Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    Your computer is up to the task of running the software.

    I recently installed PS26 without any issues in registration.

    Also assuming that you copy/paste the serial number.

    I'm scratching my head on this one.

    Do you have Wifi on the computer or VPN that you can use? 


  •  08-17-2022, 5:02 823559 in reply to 823539

    Re: Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    FYI the installer creates a log file; there's a chance it may contain clues as to why the registration is failing...

    You can find the log files under the C:\ProgramData folder (you may need to show hidden files and folders in the Windows file explorer to see it). For Studio 25 you should find the log files at:
    C:\ProgramData\Pinnacle Log Files\Studio 25\<folder with date & time> (the date and time in the name of each log folder is set to that of the installation (or uninstallation)

    In the folder there should be a file installer_log.txt (for a successful installation there will be other files too); you can view it in Notepad (look towards the end to see if there's anything about the registration failure in there).


  •  08-17-2022, 5:56 823563 in reply to 823559

    Re: Re:Impossible to install PS25U

    @ Siuko

    Could you send me a private message providing your license key ? I will have it controled by my contatcs at Corel.

  •  08-17-2022, 9:53 823571 in reply to 823313

    Re: Impossible to install PS25U


    Check this KnowledgeBase article -

  •  08-19-2022, 11:08 823669 in reply to 823571

    Re: Impossible to install PS25U

    Hello everyone, thank you for your answers and sorry for my absence.
    A lvl2 technician contacted me, we are doing several tests / diagnostics. The problem remains unsolved but I think that the solution will be found one day.
    Thank you for the log file, I transmit this information (it does not ask me)
    all you mentioned was trying and more.
  •  08-19-2022, 16:53 823676 in reply to 823669

    Re: Impossible to install PS25U


    Error with my regedit.
    I use a tool to clean this.
  •  08-19-2022, 16:57 823677 in reply to 823676

    Re: Impossible to install PS25U

    Thanks for reporting back.
  •  11-24-2022, 3:56 825375 in reply to 823676

    AW: Re: Impossible to install PS25U


    Error with my regedit.
    I use a tool to clean this.



    very interesting, i got into the same trouble, it is not yet solved for me. Can you please describe the problem with the registry in detail and how (which tool) you solved it?. 


  •  11-24-2022, 6:10 825377 in reply to 825375

    Re: AW: Re: Impossible to install PS25U

    It would be nice if you started a new thread.

    Include all the necessary information. Which version and revision of Pinnacle Studio. What your computer specs are. See mine below as an example.

    What operating system are you using. Where did you buy Pinnacle? 

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