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Previously made/saved synchronized assets seem te be out of sync

Last post 07-01-2022, 18:01 by Rockel83. 0 replies.
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  •  07-01-2022, 18:01 822777

    Previously made/saved synchronized assets seem te be out of sync

    Hello folks,

    I've worked on some holliday video's last year, using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 24. First I spend some time making an matching intro title, with moving parts and titles using keyframe control. On these keyframe points, where incomming ttitles fly in and hit the background, I've put matching sound effects.

     I had to save this in 2 seperate files, one title template and one seperate but matching wav. file. I needed to do so, because this way I could change the title template to different locations and the sound effects took a bit longer to match the transition sound effect to the next clip. I've saved both files for future use.

     This worked pretty well like this, and I used the same setup/template for every video I made.

     But now I'm wanting to make new video's of my new holliday, wanting to use the same intro template. But now it seems interactions are quite out of sync. Like sounds effects are not matching when I use this title template together with this .wav file. These files could not have been changed. I did not altered the title template, keyframes are still on the intented positions and a saved wav. file is not changing in time or frequency. So I gues it should be something different that brings both files out of sync. But I can't find out what it is.

     Timeline settings seem te be and the same. Selected FPS too.

    I've checked all the exported video's which I've edited in the same way. And the intro is in sync with the sound effect. When I export the intro now, using exactly the same files and edit method, then both are clearly a bit shifted.

     Annyone knows how to solve this strange issue? 



    I need to trim the wav. file about 20 frames on a 10sec. clip to get one and another of in sync again (sort of). Both files are never changed, so I find it strange that I need to make adjustments now.

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