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File and Folder Structure

Last post 06-12-2022, 13:35 by dedonaldson. 3 replies.
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  •  06-10-2022, 14:36 822555

    File and Folder Structure

    I have spent hours attempting to learn Studio 25 Ultra. Unfortunately, I end up with more questions than I can find answers to. Many of these questions (to me at least) are simple, yet I can find no answer. So, I will begin with a simple one, the answer to which may help me move forward.

    All the reading and work I do leads me to believe (feel) that the file and folder structure of Studio 25 is very persnickety (and a deep mystery)! I have come to believe that any changes (renaming or moving a source file, etc.) the user makes (knowingly or unknowingly) will result in disaster. To better understand and dispell this feeling of dread, I really want to understand how Studio 25 manages files and folders. More importantly I would like to have an understanding of those file/folder operations that I can perform without fear of disaster.

    My ultimate goal is to develop a simple, easily understood file and folder system to work with. I find all the deeply buried folders and files (User/usename/documents/Pinnacle/Piccancle Studio/ vidoes etc. to be a real can of worms.

    So, if anyone could PLEASE explain, in detail, the COMPLETE folder/file systems and the function of each type along with extensions, I and I am sure other new users would be eternally grateful. If any of you have developed your own approach to simplifying things, I would be eternally grateful.

    Thank you in advance! 

  •  06-10-2022, 14:54 822557 in reply to 822555

    Re: File and Folder Structure

    To change all your storage locations to places you want (which I do), Control Panel>Storage Locations. I have nothing on the C: drive. Everything is in a PS25 folder on another drive. 

    You can also create Watchfolders for where your footage is stored. 

    There are many ways of doing this. You have to find what works best for you.

    Creating Project Bins is another way. 

  •  06-10-2022, 16:38 822559 in reply to 822557

    Re: File and Folder Structure

    The Library is a database. Basicaly, what is does is keeping a trace of the location on your computer of a list of assets. The main thing to remember is that each time you change the location of an asset on your PC, each time that you delete an asset, each time you rename an asset, Studio's Library loses the link with this asset.

    The 2nd thing to remember is that the Library is non-destructive. If you rename, delete an asset into the Library, the real file present into your computer is untouched.

    There are 3 categories of assets :

    • those that are installed during the installation of PS25. It can be video effects, titles, transitions, sound samples, musics, Montage themes/Templates, menus, etc, etc. There is pretty much nothing that you can custom about their location. Mostly they are located into C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 25\plugins and into C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Studioxy\Content (xy depend on the history of intsallations of Pinnacle Studio on your computer)
    • those that you produce and save during your editing : tiltes, projects, menus, templates, etc, etc. As Tony explained, their location can be set up in Control panel, Storage locations
    • those that you import into the Library : videos, still pictures, sound files, etc, etc. When you import a file, you say to Studio "I want this asset to be displayed in the Library and to be available for my editings"
    Library is versatile. You can arrange assets into bins, collections. You can tag them and apply some rating. It's helpful to keep things organized.

    A good tip : open Control Panel, Legacy options, enable watchfolders (do not actually set any watchfolder, just enable them). Now, you have a new category in your Library side bar called Library media. It's showing all the videos, photos, and audio files that you ever imported into your Library in a very convenient way => they are displayed using the exact same tree structure of Windows Explorer.

  •  06-12-2022, 13:35 822580 in reply to 822555

    Re: File and Folder Structure

    Thanks to the folks that replied. I will digest this information and hope that it eliminates my need to have knowledge of the specific folder and file structures (although I doubt it). Guess that's my OCD kicking in.


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