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Scrubber jumps and title editing

Last post 06-04-2022, 21:08 by xtechjdtv. 4 replies.
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  •  06-02-2022, 15:35 822415

    Scrubber jumps and title editing

    Greetings all, I have a situation that just began this week. I'm editing a 8 track project in PS25U ver. (64 bit). I am reediting the title graphics with a new font. Here's what is happening:

    I select the title to edit

    place the scrubber on the leading edge of the selected title block

    right click on the title block, bringing up the context menu

    left click on "edit title".

    For a split second all is good, title editor opens on upper left and preview screen on upper right shows the correct title over the correct video section. Then suddenly my scrubber leaps ahead about 7 minutes and the preview screen shows the (stopped) video 7 minutes out (and no title). The title editor remains like it should with my original title waiting for my edit. I am able to pull the scrubber back left (earlier on time line) and continue editing, but this is getting to be a pain in the neck.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

  •  06-03-2022, 2:31 822417 in reply to 822415

    Re:Scrubber jumps and title editing

    What if instead of clicking Edit title you simply open the Title tab (nearby the Mask tab) ?
  •  06-03-2022, 12:02 822418 in reply to 822417

    Re: Re:Scrubber jumps and title editing

    Thanks for prompt reply. Clicking on the Title tab still has the same effect. Can I safely (meaning keeping all my current settings) completely wipe out PS and reinstall? Seems like a lot of work though...   Regards.
  •  06-03-2022, 12:51 822419 in reply to 822418

    Re: Re:Scrubber jumps and title editing

    Yes you can.

    Backup the Library and the Control panel settings and restore them after reinstall :


  •  06-04-2022, 21:08 822443 in reply to 822419

    Re: Re:Scrubber jumps and title editing

    Interesting twist today. The scrubber still jumps away from the title to be edited, but now the timeline stays in place, so all I have to do is re-click on the title and the scrubber returns and the preview screen shows the title over the video scene. I can live with this. I do not know what caused this improvement to the original problem, but I am good to go. Thanks.
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