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H.265 import export

Last post 05-15-2022, 12:43 by saby. 9 replies.
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  •  05-08-2022, 16:09 822092

    H.265 import export

    I am recording my computer with an Elgato 4K60S+, the output format is H.265, I can import in PS-25-Ult, can edit, but cannot export using the "same as timeline" or HEVC/H.265.


    When exporting the progress bar stock at 1%. 

  •  05-09-2022, 5:16 822094 in reply to 822092

    Re: H.265 import export

    From Pinnacle's website.

    Export Formats

    • Disc: DVD, AVCHD, Blu-ray ($)
    • Video: DV, HDV, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1/-2/-4, Flash, 3GP, HEVC** (H.265, H.264),

     ** HEVC (H.265) support requires supporting PC hardware or graphics card and Microsoft HEVC video extension installed.

    You have to go to the M$ store HERE and buy it. 

    It was free for a long time, along with the HEIC, but you know M$.....

  •  05-09-2022, 7:58 822096 in reply to 822094

    Re: H.265 import export

    OP says that he can launch HEVC export and then it stalls. It can't be a matter of HEVC extension missing in Windows.
  •  05-09-2022, 8:15 822097 in reply to 822096

    Re: H.265 import export

    The OP would have to tell us if he has the Extension installed.

    I've had the Extension for a couple of years installed, so can not comment on if I would be able to import and then export a HEVC file.


  •  05-09-2022, 9:48 822098 in reply to 822097

    Re: H.265 import export

    Tony P:
    The OP would have to tell us if he has the Extension installed

    IMO the OP should also tell us what CPU and graphics card he has (if a discrete GPU); some older and low-end GPUs can decode but not encode HEVC, or might not handle 4K

  •  05-11-2022, 14:27 822117 in reply to 822096

    Re: H.265 import export

    Don't forget the 'magic' "use 3rd-party codecs" checkbox in the Control Panel...
  •  05-11-2022, 17:45 822118 in reply to 822117

    Re: H.265 import export

    Useless in this case.
  •  05-14-2022, 21:38 822144 in reply to 822092

    Re: H.265 import export

    I bought all extension, HEVC, but if you know a way to check the correct installation of the CODEC ?



     CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    GPU AMD 6900XT 



     I do not have any problem with importing H265 or H264, then export H264.  Only when export H265 it frozen.

  •  05-15-2022, 12:27 822153 in reply to 822144

    Re: H.265 import export

    I would guess actually try to export HEVC?

    If you go back to the M$ store from your account to look again at the HEVC, it should say something along the lines of "This product is installed."

  •  05-15-2022, 12:43 822154 in reply to 822153

    Re: H.265 import export

    If the Microsoft HEVC extension was not installed, HEVC would not be available in Studio.
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