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Meta Data

Last post 04-16-2022, 7:20 by Tony_IOM. 5 replies.
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  •  04-15-2022, 18:58 821723

    Meta Data

    Hi All

    Does anyone remember how, or if it's even possible to, retrieve the meta data from video on mini DV tape. I'm assuming that there would be, at least, some meta data recorded by the camcorder. I realise that it's down to the manufacturer of the camera to determine which, if any, meta data should be recorded. When importing mini digital video into PS, it is Studio that applies it's own meta data to the file imported as .mpg. As an example, the mata data applied to the imported file gives the date of the import action, not the date the footed was shot.

    I've seen various programs such as exif tool that claim to be able to do it. But it can't because it cannot interrogate the tape directly. It looks to me as if there needs to be a capture/import program that retains the tape meta data and not apply it's own.


  •  04-16-2022, 4:05 821726 in reply to 821723

    Re: Meta Data

    To stand any chance of catching the metadata from the tape you would need to capture via Firewire as a DV AVI file (so that the data stream from the tape goes straight into the captured file without any alteration).

    Legacy Studio (15 and earlier) + other video capture programs of that era would do that - and in legacy Studio it was possible to see the shooting time/date and timecode as it was in the camcorder at the time of recording. Unfortunately, the current versions of Studio (Avid Studio onwards) can't display or use any of that metadata - and I don't know whether they would keep it in the captured file or not.


  •  04-16-2022, 5:40 821732 in reply to 821726

    Re: Meta Data

    Results of quick test here:

    • Sony HC90 miniDV camcorder connected via the Firewire port of a Pinnacle 700-USB device
    • PS25 - import from "Sony DV Camcorder" device, capture format = DV
    • Importer shows tape transport and camcorder's tape counter; can control tape transport and set start+end or start+duration to capture a portion of the tape
    • Import was successful
    • Studio 25 "Display Information"! does not show any information about shooting date/time of the clip (only the created/modified dates of the AVI file (i.e. today))
    • However, in legacy Studio 15 Ultimate the shooting date/time was shown in the pop-up hint for the clip. So Studio 25's Importer does retain at least some of the metadata in the captured file.
      Note: the particular camcorder does have the option to display camera data (exposure, shutter speed etc.) but only on tapes recorded by itself; play another tape and there is no information shown. So I'm guessing that having the shooting date/time + tape counter values in the metadata is widely supported for miniDV, but anything else above that is up to the camcorder manufacturer (maybe they provide it in high-end camcorders but not in entry-level ones)?
  •  04-16-2022, 5:58 821733 in reply to 821726

    Re: Meta Data


    Thank you very much for that information. As a result of which I can tell you that I'm already almost there as my editing PC not only has Studio 23 but also Studio 14 which I used extensively and still fiind useful. Some functions were better in 14 especially in transisitons than 23. Also I have always used firewire to capture. So I'll have a go at that. I would only, in theory, need to capture one frame to get the meta data for that clip. 

    Now, here's the next bit: I think right click on the clip in 14 will show its properties which is the meta data. If I take a snapshot of a frame and export that I guess I could view the meta data in Exif Tools or some other utility.

    I've never seriously considered usingeta data before but I have a video I'm editing and need to know the exact date it was shot. I'll play with this later today

    Best regards



  •  04-16-2022, 7:00 821736 in reply to 821733

    Re: Meta Data

    In legacy Studio, just hover the mouse over the scene in the album; if there is a shooting date/time present the pop-up bint will show it (time shown is for the first frame of the scene).
    Taking a snapshot of a frame won't save any of the video's metadata as part of that snapshot image (just tried it with PS15)

    However, have a look at the free (for personal use) program DVdate as that does appear to have some features for working with the metadata + a lot else

  •  04-16-2022, 7:20 821737 in reply to 821732

    Re: Meta Data

    Hi Richard

    I've tried that and got the date OK. Interestingly, when I saved a grabbed frame (in Studio 14) as a .jpg Exif Tool displayed an error message although it seems to work for .jpg files originating from a smartphone. I'll need to investigate this further if I want more detailed meta data.



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