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st 25 ult - windows keeps shutting down only when i use studio edit

Last post 04-07-2022, 16:39 by idic5. 0 replies.
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  •  04-07-2022, 16:39 821542

    st 25 ult - windows keeps shutting down only when i use studio edit

    i researched this and did all the stuff recommended for hw-resource -- checked memory, fans, temps. , removed all attached external drives. changed power settings, updated drivers, and still am getting this. i can be on the computer all day - albeit doing lighter stuff - and it does not shut down, but when i spend some time , even a little, in studio , powers off. i get this in movie editor and in disk editor.  it doesnt happen in a  long running export of teh same complex project -- it is 4k 55 mins. . yesterday it went 10 hrs in an export and fine. 

     i got it even after a factory reset in control panel.  

    i may have gotten this occasionally in earlier versions of studio , but not like this. s/ i reinstall? might it be a corrupted install? it was working fine till a couple weeks ago. 


    i looked at the event viewer in win 10 [search event viewer in cortana] and found studio was causing a critical error 41 . the following article suggests a underpowered PS. i have a 600 watt one. but why does it work fine in an all day render? that has got to be as much of a power demand as edit, no? 


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