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Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64

Last post 03-15-2022, 5:00 by Snofru1. 4 replies.
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  •  03-09-2022, 8:37 820927

    Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64

    Hi Pinnacle Fans,

    neues Update ist raus: Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64. Habt Ihr was genaueres gehört?

    Bleibt gesund und schönen rest der Woche noch.

    Grüße aus DD


  •  03-09-2022, 8:47 820928 in reply to 820927

    Re: Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64
  •  03-12-2022, 6:37 820999 in reply to 820928

    AW: Re: Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64

    Gibt eine Fix-Liste ?


  •  03-12-2022, 7:32 821000 in reply to 820999

    AW: Re: Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64

    Soweit ich weiß ist die in Arbeit, ich melde mich sobald ich sie habe.
  •  03-15-2022, 5:00 821037 in reply to 821000

    AW: Re: Neues Update Pinnacle_Studio_Ultimate_v25.1.0.345_x64

    Hier ist die Liste, leider nur in englisch:

    PS crashes reported, after user updates to SonicFire Pro 6.0
    Feature Request: PS Masking objects for titles etc
    Scorefitter songs of different versions playback the same tune
    Request: Stop / Cancel from queue, during export progress
    Request: Save audio settings as Custom Preset
    Request: give Properties their own colored line
    Time Freeze causes clicks in audio, and waveform doesn't match what's heard
    Trim nested project from beginning makes mask lost effect
    Connected iPhone or Android phone, Importer can't see videos, only photos.
    Preview and playhead freeze, audio continues, with 10-bit 4K
    Motion keyframes in titles do not work correctly
    Split Screen: Can't delete clip from within Subeditor
    Source Corrections, Channel Mixer volume adjustment is not saved PS hangs or crashes while Exporting - HEVC, 20 tracks, 2 minutes
    Preview displays earlier project
    Color Grading: CG previews incorrect frame and crashes while brush selection, when using Vector->Color Scope
    Changing border size reduces pic size
    Properties-Corrections-Effects details and options in TL context menu, should be the same
    Using Add-on Effects not possible
    Blend: dropdown list with recents
    Source Corrections: changes can't be cleared at thumbnail (gear icon), must open in source corrections
    PS hangs when edit Smartsound
    Pink line may appear momentarily on clip (or nest) when dropped to TL, or when moved to another track - intermittent
    Mask: Import 4x3 photo as object into clip mask on 16x9 video, move handles have extra space
    Request: pivot point to affect size changes
    PnZ will not remember Animated, if opened via context menu
    Project with Smartsound, nested on TL, opens Smartsound with every new clip added, PS hangs when open nest
    Saved Title looks can appear in new version of PS, but then will be overwritten and disappear
    Montage themes broken, assets do not display correctly
    PS UI won't fit in secondary monitor, if primary display scaling is set more than 100%
    "Shut down PC" in Export Queue doesn't work, hidden by user prompt
    Corrected Shortcuts produce dead meat
    "K stack overflow" message observed with PS25 and 24, reset doesn't help
    NBFX: noise in black area
    NBFX not recognized, when PS is not installed to C:
    5.1 keyframes are hard to see
    Bad Thumbnails, with specific project
    Lines in Chroma Key, when 4x3 overlays 16x9
    Deleted photo remains displayed in preview
    Regression: PNG files preview corrupted in PS25, okay in 23
    Mask: convert to clip mask, PS crashes and won't launch
    Mask: link to Mask help, for new users

    MTS file with AC-3 2-channel plays mute in PS
    Scenes copied to Timeline, errors
    Close Corrections, should return to Library
    Regression: tif and tga formats are missing from snapshot options
    Motion Tracking:  change tooltip to "Track all Frames"
    Optimize Audio changed to -12db, but still broken
    NewBlue: some presets are duplicated
    Regression: TIF image transparency doesn't work in PS25
    Shortcut thumbnails created by Corrections do not display the correction
    MCE: Properties can't be changed after switching camera view in sub editor.
    Circular arrow reset buttons are missing from Mask and Title
    Smartsound opens behind PS25 UI
    Smartsound SonicFire: crash, or no audio after trim
    Crash in Image Correction CPU, white balance eyedropper
    Titler: Load Title will delete selected TL clips
    Crash after expand transition, then add a new library tab
    Title: select an asset to fill the background, can't keyframe opacity
    Crop, then add a border, the border will cover the edge of the clip
    Mask: keyframe state of "Opacity" and "Edge Softness" is retained when a new asset is applied
    Split Screen: remove Z position
    Crash when add clip to timeline, in 3-4 Point Edit Mode
    Spacing problems in Group / Sort
    PS does not remember the export directory settings after restart
    Wrong color stripe is shown, in certain combination
    In-Transition will be removed at trim-out
    MultiCam Editor pause changes camera angle
    Patch replaces Multicam Capture full with Multicam Capture light
    Title disappears from preview
    Track navigator shows clips in wrong length
    Mask: after Replace, undo will not return to Modify state
    Delete A/V Track, isn't deleted but moves below other tracks
    No response when play timeline
    Marker panel is cut off in Author mode
    Mask:  keyframed Feather effect isn't shown in preview
    Color: dropper selector lost when returning to preview window
    Project fails to export
    Right-click f/x bar above clip, "Edit" option is missing
    Title:  Change text justification, switch to motion, position of point and frame are incorrect
    Title: "Stereoscopic" is not translated
    Crash while editing Mask in a nested project
    Crash when edit library title, then start new project

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