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Studio HD version 14 clip editor

Last post 01-11-2022, 1:50 by saby. 6 replies.
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  •  12-17-2020, 15:34 809413

    Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    Hi I am putting together a movie using clips sent to me from Mobile phones and some recorded on a camcorder (MP$ and Mpeg2)  I have dropped them into the  place I want them and edit from there if they are too long or have too much unwanted stuff at the start. This has worked fine except that the clip editor doesn't seem to work properly in some of the phone clips.

    the 'calipers don't do anything wherever they are placed , clicking the return to edited start button sends the position marked back to the start of the track past the caliper. on the end this is the same, Plus, the video and audio continue for some minutes after the marker has reached the end. No matter what I use to indicate a start or end position (moving calipers or entering timings) I can't get this to work. It has worked fine until today.  I have had a problem with an mp4 file which lost the end of the video clip once inserted in to studio. Could these problems be connected? I have tried a shut down and restart of the computer, but am at a loss on what to try next. If by any chance I need to reload from my original disc will my existing saved project still be saved? Hoping some can help


    p.s. What is the difference between Studio 14 and Studio HD version 14? 



    I use a Dell t3500 windows 10 Home edition

    12 gb Ram

    Intel xeon w3550 &3.07G

    Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 

  •  12-17-2020, 15:36 809414 in reply to 809413

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    top line should read (MP4 not MP$
  •  12-17-2020, 20:44 809419 in reply to 809413

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    Have you tried converting MP4 into Mpeg2 and try again.
  •  12-18-2020, 5:28 809439 in reply to 809413

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    Some of the mobile phone clips may have a variable frame rate - it's a widely-used "cheat" to get better low-light performance when shooting video...

    Older video editors cannot handle such clips as they are expecting a constant frame rate (you can use the free program MediaInfo to show whether your clips are indeed variable frame rate - there's a "tutorial" thread elsewhere in these forums - here); a workaround is to use the free program HandBrake to convert to MP4 with a constant frame rate.

    Regarding the "HD" - it's probably just a marketing tag (may make buyers think of "high definition"...). There were three feature levels of Studio 14, the base level (with just the "HD"), Plus and Ultimate. The base level has most of the advanced editing tools disabled; those progressively reappear in Plus and Ultimate


  •  12-18-2020, 14:45 809471 in reply to 809439

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    Thanks for those replies. I think Richard is right about the variable frame rate being the problem. I found the same problem on a few other phone clips that I tested But was able to use the editor on the mpeg 2 clips and some mp3 music files.

    I tried several things last night as I had to get this completed today.

    First I tried a free converter from NCH supposedly free for home use. After going through all the upload and conversion I found that the only format allowed without paying £49 for the software was AVI. This worked but it must have been AVI type one because I then couldn't load it into studio. 

    Another bit of free software ran for five minutes and then said it was too long for the free version!. I couldn't find anything that would allow me to convert to mpeg2.

    Eventually in desperation I loaded the clips one at a time into  Windows Movie Maker and was able to edit and save as HD mp4 files that I could then insert into studio.

    Thanks again both of you who replied I shall certainly look for that software for future use



  •  01-10-2022, 22:09 819674 in reply to 809414

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    For every version, it would be same? Thanks in advance.
  •  01-11-2022, 1:50 819678 in reply to 819674

    Re: Studio HD version 14 clip editor

    Would you elaborate your question ?
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