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Technical Support

Last post 01-14-2022, 13:46 by saby. 8 replies.
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  •  12-28-2021, 14:02 819433

    Technical Support

    What started out as a problem that probably has a simple solution has turned into a complaint against Pinnacle Technical Support.

    The original problem was that my output is colored wrong. Everything has a green filter applied to it. I probably set some sort of affect by mistake. Seems easy enough to correct. I purchased Version 24 by the way.

    On December 24, I tried to contacted support by phone. No answer. OK, it's Christmas Eve. Let's try chat.

    The chat broke down because I did not have screen shots prepared. I sent an email.

    On December 26 I received an email response stating in effect, that they needed more information. I supplied screen shots in the body of an email.

    I received a copy of the email that I had already received.

    On December 27, I contacted Tech Support via phone and chat. The phone call exceeded 18 minutes. I was left on hold, never talking to a representative.

    Fortunately, I got through to chat. Unfortunately, the chat representative could not help me because there was an existing trouble ticket and it was being addressed by email. Of course, I said, but you are here now, maybe you could help me. No! There is an existing trouble ticket and it is being addressed via email.

    On this day, December 28, I still have not resolved my problem. I once more tried to contact technical support via phone. I went from being placed on hold to being transferred to a ringing phone that was never answered  

    I am not trying to mount a legal case, but I have the transcripts of the emails and chats and I have a call log on my phone to display the long calls that did not produce a representative. Clearly, technical support needs some improvement, but I don't have an extensive agenda. I just want to know why my output is miscolored. 

    Any assistance would be appreciated. 


  •  12-28-2021, 14:27 819434 in reply to 819433

    Re: Technical Support

    Unfortunately I'm not surprised by this testimony.

    Would you provide here a screenshot of this green-colored issue ?

    Here is how to post a screenshot :

    It might be a simple problem of timeline set to 3D instead of 2D.

  •  01-14-2022, 13:10 819771 in reply to 819434

    Re: Technical Support

    Attachment: color problem 2a.jpg

    Thanks for the response, Saby.

    I thought this had been resolved but as it turns out, I still have a problem.

    I am showing two jpegs, the first being as it  should look and the second as it actually appears.



  •  01-14-2022, 13:13 819772 in reply to 819434

    Re: Technical Support

    Attachment: color problem 2.jpg
    I wanted to do both screen shots in same post but I think I have to use two separate posts to do so.
  •  01-14-2022, 13:16 819773 in reply to 819772

    Re: Technical Support

    Attachment: Color problem 1 a.PNG
    Another example
  •  01-14-2022, 13:16 819774 in reply to 819772

    Re: Technical Support

    Ok, that's exactly what I thought : a matter of timeline being set to 3D instead of 2D.

    Click the gear icon top left of the timeline and set Imaging to Classic 2D :


  •  01-14-2022, 13:18 819775 in reply to 819773

    Re: Technical Support

    Attachment: Color problem 1.PNG

    How it turns out. 

    This is not what I want. 

  •  01-14-2022, 13:28 819776 in reply to 819775

    Re: Technical Support

     Je vous remercie saby Je vous remercie.

    Thank You.

    You accomplished in seconds what technical support failed to do in weeks.

    You are amazing.



  •  01-14-2022, 13:46 819778 in reply to 819776

    Re: Technical Support

    You're welcome !

    Main possible root of the pb :

    • in Control panel of Studio, Project settings, the Detect format from 1st clip is checked
    • on a brand new project, the 1st asset added to the timeline is the 3D version of a title
    • even if this asset is removed, the timeline is now set to 3D

    A good way to know if timeline is set to 3D : in this case in the controls bar of the preview window there is this 3D viewing mode icon :

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