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Last post 01-17-2022, 5:49 by Tony P. 22 replies.
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  •  12-23-2021, 14:17 819381

    Low FPS

    Hello all,

     I am having some trouble with Pinnacle Studio 25.

     I have recently purchased a PC configuration which I think is pretty decent for video editing.

    When I try to edit video I get very low FPS (sample video here: )

     The system configuration is:

    HP Z440 Professional Workstation

    Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 with 6 cores, 12 threads

    32 Gb DDR4 ECC

    512 Gb SSD SATA 3

    Nvidia GTX 1050 4Gb


    Should I get a newer/faster Video Card ? Or what do you think is the problem



  •  12-23-2021, 15:29 819382 in reply to 819381

    Re:Low FPS

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    Does the sample movie playback fine ?

  •  12-23-2021, 16:18 819385 in reply to 819381

    Re: Low FPS

    I looked at the video link you posted, and yes, there is a problem during playback from the Library.

    Without knowing what type of video is playing (use MediaInfo or tell us what type of camera recorded the video.


  •  12-24-2021, 8:52 819388 in reply to 819385

    Re: Low FPS



    Even in playback it still runs the same low FPS.

     The video was shot on an Panasonic GH5

  •  12-24-2021, 10:08 819389 in reply to 819388

    Re: Low FPS

    The GH5 can shoot in many many different file formats.... Saying it was shot with a GH5 doesn't say anything.

    Use MediaInfo, drag a clip on top of it, View>Text, and copy. Paste in a reply.

    Also, monitor what is happening with Task Manager to see what resources are being used by PS when you are playing the video on the timeline.

  •  01-10-2022, 12:58 819655 in reply to 819389

    Re: Low FPS

    Hello and a Happy New Year! :)

     These are the snapshots