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Title Won't Display

Last post 11-25-2021, 11:00 by North8425. 8 replies.
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  •  09-02-2019, 19:06 787928

    Title Won't Display

    Using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21 

     Getting the following sporadically:

    1. I create a Title to appear at the beginning of a clip - some text with entry and exit motion specified

    2. I move the cursor back and forth a couple of times and the Title appears and behaves as expected

    3. Some time later, I come back to this point in the timeline and make a change or two; e.g. clip1 fades out and clip2 fades in and the Title is positioned above clip2 and I change the duration of the fade-out and the duration of the  fade-in (from 3 secs to 2 secs in each case)

    4. Now the screen just stays black thru the fade-in and no Title appears.

    5. This unexpected behaviour has occured maddingly throughout my video in apparently random areas. Some transitions and Titles continue to work even when edited.

    Any suggestions, anybody? 

  •  09-03-2019, 5:30 787940 in reply to 787928

    Re: Title Won't Display

    Yes, let everything render out. What is Optimization set at? Render while play?

    Every time you change something, to see the effect, you have to let everything re-render.

  •  09-03-2019, 20:30 787955 in reply to 787940

    Re: Title Won't Display

    Hi Tony.

    Thanks for your reply. Optimization is set to 100 (default, I believe). Render while play is set to Automatic (I tried On, as well).

    By "re-render", I assume you mean the mustard colored bar above the Title which slowly turns green? I always wait for it to complete when it occurs (which isn't always, it seems).

    A couple of curiosities:

    1. I click on "T" on the Toolbar and the Title Editor appears with an image but no sign of the "Your Text Here" block (this is relatively recent behaviour) It's as if the "Your Text Here" block is somehow behind the image it's supposed to overlay.. If I Cancel and click on "T" again, the Title Editor comes up again, same image but with the "Your Text Here" block ready for input. Adding my input and saving it and waiting for re-rendering to complete makes no difference. Playing thru the timeline still results in a black screen where the overlaid title should be. Oddly enough, after the first cancel, a Title Block image does appear on an unused A/V Track. No rendering takes place but playing the Timeline from that point results in a black screen.

    2. My most recent Export operation (MP4) had a series of clips that were supposed to dissolve into each other (and had in the past). This time, those dissolves were replaced by black screens for the duration of the dissolve (3 secs). Playing the timeline now at those clips, the dissolves appear to be intact.

    This is driving me crazy. 

  •  09-03-2019, 20:45 787956 in reply to 787955

    Re: Title Won't Display

    This is very strange?  Do you have an Nvidia graphics card?
  •  09-04-2019, 5:23 787971 in reply to 787955

    Re: Title Won't Display

    First, how about finishing filling out your user profile. Especially your computer specs. See mine below for an example. This helps in trying to figure out what is going on.

    If you load the sample movie project, The Sky Is The Limit onto the timeline, if you try using a title there (anywhere), does is appear correctly?

    What other programs do you have running in the background while editing?  Anti virus/malware, etc.?

    And like the question asked above, you would not be using an Nvidia graphics card, would you? If so, set Hardware Acceleration to NONE. Setup>Control Panel>Export and Preview.

  •  09-04-2019, 18:56 788005 in reply to 787971

    Re: Title Won't Display

    OK. User profile updated.

    I just tried the sample program and everything works fine, as expected. 

    I don't have an Nvidia graphoics card but I see that Hardware Acceleration is set to NONE by default.

    I really think some key setting got changed in the Title Processing area because everything was working just fine on my earlier versions of this video. It's something that's just started happening and many of the Titles added earlier still work fine. The problem arises when I try to add a new one or change an existing one.

    I use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. 


    P.S. How do you get the System Info to display automatically. I entered the info that follows in my Profile setting. Is there something else I need to do? 


    Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1809

    3.70 gigahertz Intel Core i7-8700K

    Multi-core (6 total)

    Hyper-threaded (12 total)

    16GB Installed Memory DDR4 2400

    MSI GTX960 (2GB Graphics card)

    WD 512GB SSD Drive


  •  09-10-2019, 16:56 788256 in reply to 788005

    Re: Title Won't Display

    OK. I finally got around my problem by doing a product Reset (Setup/Control Panel/Reset). That didn't 100% solve the problem, but was enough to allow me to complete my project with Titles and Transitions in place. Oddly, though, creating a new Title required these steps:

    1. Click on "T" on the Toolbar
        - the image appears but in front where other layers, including the "Your Text Here" box, are obscured

    2. Cancel
        - in spite of the "Cancel", a Title icon appears on A/V Track 4, the first available one not used by my Project 

    3. Click on "T" on the Toolbar again
        - this time, the image appears but the "Your TextHere" box plus the two other outline frames appear in front where they're visible

    4. I enter my text and specify Entry and Exit Motions and click on OK

        - a second Title icon appears on A/V Track 1 where I'd expect it to be

    5. For certain Transitions, e.g. "Push Left", where the next frame is a photo image that doesn't fill the frame (e.g. a portrait mode pic), the phrase "Your Text Here" is visible in the gap. I got around this by editing the Title appearing on A/V Track 4 and clicking on the just visible frame outline under the image. This is enough to get the "Your Text Here" phrase into the text box in the upper part of the control section where I could erase it and then click OK.

    Adding a Title to a brand new project doesn't trigger any of these problems, so, clearly, something got mis-set in my Project settings and I don't have enough experience to determine what it is. 


  •  09-19-2019, 16:05 788587 in reply to 788256

    Re: Title Won't Display

    Can you add a screenshot of your timeline?

    Here's HOW


  •  11-25-2021, 11:00 818585 in reply to 788256

    Re: Title Won't Display

    Attachment: Untitled-4.png.jpg

    I am using Pinnacle 23 and now just experienced the problems described in this thread from a couple of years ago.  I insert a title on the track above a photo and it blacks out the photo.  I insert a cross dissolve transition and for the duration of that transition the screen goes blank.  I've done multiple projects in Pinnacle 23 and never experienced this phenomenon, nor have I experienced it in previous versions of Pinnacle.

    I followed gmosley's work around and it fixed both of these issues.  In fact, I found that when I fixed the first issue and the new title appears in the track above, I could then copy/paste that over the other areas of the project where that was causing an issue, and it worked for both titles and cross dissolve transitions. 

    I'd like to be able to figure out what's going on so things go back to working normally. 


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