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Audio Mixing

Last post 11-26-2021, 11:12 by Darcon. 5 replies.
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  •  11-23-2021, 7:00 818540

    Audio Mixing

    Using audio mixing for making a sound track go from "Mute" (with the first value at" -60") to "0" is not very sensitive. By that I mean that the sound volume rises very fast such that by the time a value of "-30" is reached, it seems that the perceived volume level is at a maximum. I appreciate that you can take a longer time period to go from "Mute" to "0" by adjusting the duration of the clip but that solution is not necessarily always appropriate. Interested to hear if my experience is common and if so, is there either (a) something I can do in PS to improve the sensitivity or (b) recommend a reasonably priced audio mixing software with better sensitivity.


  •  11-23-2021, 7:14 818542 in reply to 818540

    Re:Audio Mixing

    I used a 1000 Hz tone sample file.

    I applied -30dB level and later 0 dB level.

    The output level is way much louder at 0 dB. It's not simply a perception matter, but the output vu-meter shoes a big difference too.

  •  11-23-2021, 7:29 818543 in reply to 818540

    Re: Audio Mixing

    Decibels is a logarithmic scale. What you're describing is totally expected and Pinnacle would be broken doing anything else.

    Each rise of 3db is about a doubling of sound. If we took a starting kennel of 90db, you would end up going from 30db to 90db. 

    30 you would hardly hear. 60 is normal conversation. 90 is between a gas powered lawnmower and a motorcycle.





  •  11-23-2021, 7:38 818544 in reply to 818543

    Re: Audio Mixing


    Each rise of 10db is about a doubling of sound.

    Yes and not.   Wink

    Some Maths :

    +3 dB = sound energy multiplied by 2

    +10 dB = sound energy multiplied by approximately 10

    Some human physiology :

    Hearing sensation does not vary linearly with variation in sound level. Thus, a difference of +3 dB will be perceptible but it will take a difference of +10 dB to have the impression of a noise twice as loud.

  •  11-23-2021, 7:56 818545 in reply to 818544

    Re: Audio Mixing

    Oops, I meant to say 3db for doubling and was looking at the chart with 10db values. Time for some coffee I think!


  •  11-26-2021, 11:12 818622 in reply to 818545

    Re: Audio Mixing

    Thanks for the responses and information., I'll experiment but it seems that, rather than ramping up the "volume" from mute to zero, I'd get a better effect if I went from mute to (say) negative 55 or negative 45 over a relatively short period (to give a more sensitive volume increase effect), and then, over a relatively longer time period, gradually increase this value to zero.
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