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Video on Flash Drive

Last post 10-28-2021, 15:34 by saby. 7 replies.
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  •  10-28-2021, 4:31 817853

    Video on Flash Drive

    Hello Experts

    I've committed a load of videos to  flash drives to distribute toi the family. Something I've noticed before but taken little note of is this: A flash drive is plugged into the USB port of the TV and a video is selected. If only part of the video is viewed and then stopped, the flash drive remembers where it was stopped and resumed when used the next time rather than starting back at the beginning. I removed it from the port and waited for 10 to 15 secs and then plugged it back in. It still resumed at the stop point. Well, removing it from it's source of power wouldn't clear non volotile memory, would it?

    How do I get the video to start back at the beginning? I feel there must be a way to terminate the video rather than (in effect) pausing it.



  •  10-28-2021, 4:34 817854 in reply to 817853

    Re:Video on Flash Drive

    Hi Tony.

    It's not the flash drive that remembers where it stopped but the TV video player software.

  •  10-28-2021, 5:43 817857 in reply to 817854

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    Hi Saby

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I did think of this and despite pressing the STOP key and switching the TV off and removing the flash drive, it still remembers it.

  •  10-28-2021, 5:47 817858 in reply to 817857

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    It must have been designed like that. Unless you find an option in the TV settings ...
  •  10-28-2021, 7:26 817859 in reply to 817858

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    I agree. I will consult the manual and perhaps contact the maufacturer. There may be a firmware update availabe.

    Best regards

  •  10-28-2021, 9:06 817860 in reply to 817859

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    I have an LG TV and it creates a folder on the flash drive itself that is used to remember where it left off. I assume it also remembers settings for subtitles and so on using that file. As long as I don't delete that folder it will remember all the settings even if I remove it from the TV. If I have multiple movies on the flash drive, the settings for each movie are stored in that file.

    On my flash drive the folder is visible when I insert it into a usb port on my computer. If you can't see it, it might be a hidden folder on the flash drive.

    Using a combination of keystrokes on the LG TV remote, I can move the cursor to any point in a movie and play it from there. I'm not stuck playing it only from the point where I left off. Bought the TV in 2018 so it's not brand new, but it's not ancient either.

    Also, I have to "eject" the flash drive before removing it. The TV is not happy with me if I don't do that first. Tongue Tied. Warns me about data loss, etc.



  •  10-28-2021, 11:02 817862 in reply to 817860

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    Hello Joe

    Thanks for your post. That's very interesting. My TV is a Samsung Q70 only two years old. It doesn't appear to be creating any folders on my flash drives. I wonder what format your videos are enncoded in. I'm using MP4. Now ... I don't know if that is the best one to use for playing through a smart TV. When playing a video I can scroll in either direction using the scrubber but I would prefer to start at the beginning each time.One may be forgiven for thinking that STOP would do that, otherwise, why have a PAUSE key? Then again, in the old days of VHS when you pressed the stop key the player didn't rewind the tape so I guess the TV manufacturers are following the same protocol. I have a fast rewind key on my TV remote controller but not a Back to Beginnig key, which would help.

    I've experienced this phenomenon with DVD too; probably in order to follow the old protocol. As Saby suggested, it must be in the TV/DVD firmware as you can't write to a finalised disc.

    I have lots of videos in several folders on the flash drive and selecting each one is quite a simple matter.

    I have the latest firmware installed.



  •  10-28-2021, 15:34 817867 in reply to 817862

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

     A smart behavior for a smart TV would be to ask the user if they want to restart from the beginning of the video or from the point they stopped it previously.
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