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Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

Last post 10-23-2021, 6:07 by Hedley. 4 replies.
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  •  10-20-2021, 7:56 817690

    Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

    Having not used Studio 23 for a couple of months I returned to complete a couple of projects to find that Soundstage, containing Favourites & Scorefitter, would no longer play.  The icons show in the library but when I click on them instead of a musical pattern showing on the preview screen there are straight lines and no sound.  The Sound FX tab works perfectly.  Looking in the 'C' Drive under Program Files>Pinnacle>Shared Files I can find the Soundstage folder, so it is still there.  Beyond that I haven't a clue, can anyone help?

  •  10-20-2021, 9:37 817693 in reply to 817690

    Re: Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

    Does that "flat line" issue only affect a few Scorefitter songs?

    I recall that at one time there was an issue with how the songs were displayed in the Library (there were errors in an XML file that caused a few songs not to preview and for their waveforms to be displayed as a flat line, and having attempted to preview one of the "faulty" songs the Scorefitter preview was then broken until Studio was restarted. I believe the issue was corrected in the patch.

    FYI the XML file that contained the errors is Scorefitter_Versions.xml and is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 23\plugins\SoundStage. The "fixed" file has a size of 253 KB (259,362 bytes) and may have a created/modified date of 24 April 2020


  •  10-21-2021, 5:08 817721 in reply to 817693

    Re: Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

    Thank you for replying.  I think the "flat line" issue affects all of the songs, I haven't checked each one individually but have scrolled through checking random selections.

    As to the XML file that you have guided me to, I have that file with a size of 254 KB dated 23 April 2020.  How can I find that the patch has been installed?

    I bought Studio 23 Basic in February 2020 and the last movie that I exported which used a Soundstage track was in May 2021, so it seems to me that something has happened since then?

  •  10-21-2021, 11:00 817733 in reply to 817721

    Re: Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

    You can check the Studio version in two ways:

    1. It's shown at the bottom-left of the splash screen when launching Studio
    2. Click the "Help" command (question-mark) in the menu line at the top of the Studio program window and choose "About"

    However, with an XML file date of 23 April, it's probably already the correct (fixed) version - the difference in the file's date may simply be down to when the patch versions for different languages/regions were built and put onto the servers...

    But, as the problem appears to be affecting all Scorefitter songs, it probably isn't that older (fixed) issue. My guess is that there might have been some database or settings corruption. Some things to try (in increasing order of "destructiveness"):

    1. Use Studio's control panel ("Reset" page) to perform a database reset (this will put all settings back to their factory defaults and rebuild the library/effects database - but won't lose anything that you have added to the database yourself.
    2. If, after resetting the database and letting Studio rebuold the libary/effects database, the problem is still there, you could try the more drastic step of creating a new, empty database. Locate the folder C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_23 and rename it to (say) Pinnacle_Studio_23_old. Note that the AppData folder is hidden so you'll need to ensure that the Windows file exploere is configured to show hidden files and folders. Then restart Studio and let it create the new empty database. The drawback of this is that you'll have to re-import the video clips etc. that you were working with. If starting with a "clean" library still dows not fix the problem, you do have the option of deleting the newly-created database and putting the old one back by renaming the saved Pinnacle_Studio_23_old folder.
    3. If all else fails (and the issue is still still not fixed), try a "repair" of the Studio installetion, or try uninstalling and reinstalling it.


  •  10-23-2021, 6:07 817778 in reply to 817733

    Re: Studio 23 Soundstage not loading

    Richard, many thanks for your help.  The Studio version was staring me in the face, just too stupid to realise!  Anyway it is up to date with the version you mention.

    I have now tried "Reset" but it has not solved the problem. As to creating a new database, when I located the folders I was reminded that when I first installed Studio I thought I had a problem and Corel support told me to do what you suggest so that I have both Pinnacle and Pinnacle_Studio_23 folders with "old" added and two without.  With hindsight I don't think I had a problem but unfortunately I didn't know about this excellent forum.  I think I will not do anymore until I have finished my current project.  When I do try this renaming what should I do as I already have "old" and unaltered folders?

     Many thanks


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