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Timeline Renders Black

Last post 09-24-2021, 7:47 by Tony P. 6 replies.
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  •  09-01-2021, 6:08 816714

    Timeline Renders Black

    Studio 24 ultimate running on Windows 10. My Studio 24 has started turning my timeline black when it renders; most where there are titles and transitions, but also some other places as well. It remains black if I export the project. Pinnacle's advice so far has been pretty standard - update drives, update Windows, stop background processes, remove existing copy of Studio 24 re-load with clean copy (I have tried both from my disc and a downloaded version from Pinnacle's server. None of this has worked. Any advice please.
  •  09-03-2021, 2:36 816749 in reply to 816714

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    If you don't render the timeline (and delete the render files) does the project export OK, or do the black sections appear in the export? This would indicated if it's something to do with mpeg-2 (used for rendering) or not.

    Also, have you tried different hardware acceleration settings?

  •  09-13-2021, 5:50 816910 in reply to 816749

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    Thanks for coming back.Timeline renders even if I turn "render off" and so still black. I have tried a lot of different settings, including changing acceleration settings, but this does not help either. I'll keep trying. I'll post a solution if I ever find one that works.
  •  09-13-2021, 6:02 816911 in reply to 816910

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    Curious... this is a first for me reading of this type of problem.

    What are your computer specs? See mine below as an example.

    What is the source of your video? What created it? 

    If you load the sample project, The Sky Is the Limit (?>Load sample movie), does it do the same thing? 

    Also, can you take a screenshot of the timeline? Here is HOW to do this.

  •  09-13-2021, 12:56 816917 in reply to 816910

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    Thanks for coming back.Timeline renders even if I turn "render off" and so still black.
    Just to double check, you are setting Control Panel/Export and Preview/Playback Optimization to zero? I've never seen timeline rendering continue after setting that to zero.
  •  09-24-2021, 3:54 817143 in reply to 816917

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    After a long period of trying things out, for example clearing out current versions, re-loading software from various sources (CD, download etc.) playing with various settings it does now seem to be working but quite unstable (parts still go black). The settings that "seem" to be working at the moment are: Optimisation threshold 60%, render whilst playing off, hardware acceleration none. I also have to go into my temp file before I open studio 24 and delete all files there.

    Occasionally, transitions and titles still go black randomly. If I force render them (change one of their parameters slightly), they usually come back.

    To answer your questions - the material source is footage from two separate video cameras (a GoPro and a hand held video camera) and digital stills. Previous projects I have worked on before this problem and "The Sky is the Limit" sample do seem to work OK, any new projects I started exhibited this problem. I have not changed anything on my computer in between other than Windows updates and a couple of other updates.

  •  09-24-2021, 7:47 817150 in reply to 817143

    Re: Timeline Renders Black

    Your User Profile is empty. Unless someone has their computer specs as the Signature, that's the next place I look to see what computer hardware they are using.

    So... computer specs might be nice.

    Also, what is the version number of PS24? You mention using 2 cameras. Is the resolution of the videos from both cameras the same? Are your graphics drivers (even if using iGPU) up to date? 

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