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DVD Authoring Button Issue

Last post 09-16-2021, 16:27 by culpanr. 3 replies.
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  •  09-16-2021, 15:47 816994

    DVD Authoring Button Issue

    I'm authoring a disk in PS24U and I have everything done except I want my buttons to be underlined when selected not the highlighted text (alpha mode). When I go in and edit the menu, select the button (yes I'm selecting the button not the text) and I elect "underline" from the drop down I click ok then go to the preview and there's no underline. I burned a disk and it doesn't come up on the disk either. the box mode doesn't work either. Is there something I'm not doing right or is it a program error?
  •  09-16-2021, 16:07 816996 in reply to 816994

    Re: DVD Authoring Button Issue

    It's a program bug - "box" and "underline" menu button highlight styles worked in Studio 23, became broken in Studio 24 and are still broken in Studio 25.

    I'm afraid you're stuck with the "alpha" style for now... Sad

  •  09-16-2021, 16:12 816997 in reply to 816996

    Re: DVD Authoring Button Issue

    Well that's a total fail... I'm doing a wedding video and that really detracts from the look of it!! Thank you for letting me know... I guess when they call on my ticket  they'll just say sorry...
  •  09-16-2021, 16:27 816998 in reply to 816997

    Re: DVD Authoring Button Issue
    I guess when they call on my ticket  they'll just say sorry...

    They'll probably ask you to uninstall and reinstall the software Devil

    A workaroud you could use if you're using text-only captions for your chapter buttons (and not using thumbnails):

    • Highlight the button and change it to "not a button"
    • Manually change the text to contain the caption you want for that particular button
    • Add a rectangle shape layer, adjust it to make it long and thin (like an underline) and place it in the desired position underneath the text
    • Change the "face" look of the shape layer to set its colour the same as the background or make it semi-transparent so it doesn't show (it probably won't work if made completely transparent)
    • Set that shape layer to be a "normal button", with "alpha" highlight style
    • Repeat for the other buttons on that menu
    • If you want an additional menu page, you'll need to manually edit the caption text on the added page


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