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Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

Last post 08-31-2021, 18:26 by fidel47. 10 replies.
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  •  08-20-2021, 5:01 816376

    Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    If you get a message each time when starting up Sonicfire telling you there's an update to version 6.6.2 even though you are already on version 6.6.2, go here for a patch 6.6.3 (to be installed manually):
  •  08-20-2021, 5:15 816378 in reply to 816376

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    Actually the update loop, as they call it, persists but now for version 6.6.3. In 'About Soncifire Pro' still version 6.2.2 is listed. I reported the bug to SmartSound. 
  •  08-20-2021, 5:56 816379 in reply to 816378

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    I saw the same issue; the update patch from 6.6.2 to 6.6.3 appeared to have failed. Furthermore, when I tried to completely uninstall SFP 6.6.2 in order to install the full-version of 6.6.3, that uninstllation failed with several error messages (siomething about an an account already existing).

    However, after some experimentation, what "unblocked" things here was to find the entry for SonicFire Pro in "Apps and Features" and choose Modify. That appeared to reinstall the files; SFP now reports itself as 6.6.3 and the "update loop" is gone.


  •  08-20-2021, 7:49 816382 in reply to 816379

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    Unfortunately, that didn't work for me. Funny detail: In ''Apps & features', the version is stated as 6.6.3 but in 'About Sonicfire Pro' in the program, it says 6.6.2. 
  •  08-20-2021, 8:44 816385 in reply to 816382

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    Attachment: SS663 blank page.jpg

    I thought I was alone with this. It happened to me also. Best to let Frank know about it. Include screenshots if you can.

    I uninstalled the patched version, downloaded the complete 6.6.3 and it installed.

    Now, instead of the "update" window, I get a blank "New Features in this version" that says, "Can not reach this page".

    I'll email Frank at Smartsound with a screenshot of this.  

  •  08-20-2021, 9:25 816390 in reply to 816385

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    So, the patch made things worse.
  •  08-20-2021, 10:26 816397 in reply to 816390

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    The patch doesn't make the software unusable, just an annoyance closing that window.

    As I suggested above, email Smartsound Support (Frank) explaining in detail the problem and provide a screen shot or two.

    He's pretty good at getting back to people, and this is information he should have. I've emailed him already about my problem with the 6.6.3 full install.

    Smartsound is indispensable in my editing. And it is working so far, just fine, except that that "glitch" that appears as the software connects back to "home".  

    Mind you, I uninstalled the patched version, downloaded the full 6.6.3 version and installed that one. 

  •  08-20-2021, 10:30 816399 in reply to 816397

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    As I wrote in my second post, I also reported the bug to SmartSound, i.e., Frank (and he alerted me to the 6.6.3 patch). I'm sure a new patch will be forthcoming in the near future. 
  •  08-20-2021, 10:33 816400 in reply to 816385

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    Tony P:
    Now, instead of the "update" window, I get a blank "New Features in this version" that says, "Can not reach this page".

    That error just looks like a (probably temporary) Internet connection issue; I tried applying 6.6.3 to another PC (had version 6.5.7, not 6.6.2); the update was successful and I did see the complete "new features "advertisement" popup on first launch.

    However I did notice the PC on which I had the botched update from 6.6.2 to 6.6.2 was still in a strange state. It wouldn't uninstall SFP (kept showing error 1316 (the specified account already exists)) - so I resorted to Revo Uninstaller to remove it + its stray/broken registry entries. Installed 6.6.3 from the full installer and all seems well again for now Smile

  •  08-20-2021, 16:03 816443 in reply to 816400

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    Frank informed me that they are working on the issues. He said 6.6.4 should be out in a week. 

    From his email: 

    "It seems that the old installer was not getting removed from the new installation folder: 

    C:\ProgramData\SmartSound Software Inc\Application Updates\

    So the new one was not updating properly.  If they delete the update from this folder, and then redownload 6.6.3, it should work.  But we are working on 6.6.4 now that should have a additional hot fixes as well, so it may be easier for them to wait until next week and apply 6.6.4 and it should have some logic to fix this issue if it arises." 

  •  08-31-2021, 18:26 816708 in reply to 816443

    Re: Sonicfire Patch 6.6.3

    6.6.4 is available now.
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