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Export to Disk Size

Last post 08-24-2021, 15:12 by RDuane. 2 replies.
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  •  08-24-2021, 0:21 816554

    Export to Disk Size

    Recently I've created some near DVD (4.7Gb) size movies. Generally speaking I may also add some legacy menuing to it. In yesteryear I never had to mind size; however today is another story.

    The question is: Does Pinnacle Studio Ultimate have a bug in how it calculates disk size... as the problem certainly has passed down from 21 to 23 to 24. Don't believe I'll try 25 until I get something more powerful than my ageing I7-950. PSU 24 certainly stuttered... but I digress.
    Have screenshot's but can't seem to remember the secret handshake to embed or attach...  Options -> Attachments didn't seem to function... along with Preview. Closed everything including PS... same result... restarted system... same result.
    When attempting to export the first time PSU told me that with a target of 4.7Gb PS would use 4.34Gb @ Quality: 92%
    I then tried changing the target to  8.5Gb with PS now using 4.79Gb @ Quality: 100%. 
    As my PSU (21, 23, & 24) has had a hard time actually writing to disk; I asked PSU to create an Image (Video_TS).
    The results was a folder sized at 4.57Gb.  I then used "Ashampoo" Burning Studio Free to burn. Perfect fit to disk. Also resolved the issue I was having with Windows 7 Burn function that "closed" the disk but never "finalized" the disk. Made a lot of "coasters" that worked in the computer but not in either the Samsung DVD or Blu-Ray player. 
    Anyone... any thoughts.  
    PS... now more weird here on the forum... Thought I lost the msg. Reopened a new msg with zero text... however, going to Preview; there was for the first time today my msg in Preview mode. Clicking back to "Compose" again, nothing. Back to Preview... highlight all, copy then paste back into a new msg.  I'm finally getting this out. Final point... this last para still doesn't show up in Preview. 
  •  08-24-2021, 3:00 816555 in reply to 816554

    Re: Export to Disk Size

    So are you querying why Pinnacle's Disc Size estimate can be significantly inaccurate, causing projects that don't appear to fit on a single sided disc when they could?

    The stock answer to this is because it only uses a one pass estimate. With variable rate video compresion, it's impossible to estimate precisely how much you can compress a video without analizing the content, which takes almost as long as actually performing the compression. If your project has a lot of relatively still images, photos in particular, it will compress far more than one which has a lot of movement.

    So, Pinnacle have chosen to take a guess, and what's more they may well have erred on the side of caution, because on the rare occasions that they underestimate the final image size, the user will have the huge frustration of a long wait followed by an error message and no disc, or possibly even a disc that is unusable or unplayable.

    They could have added (optional) two-pass encoding as used by professional Disc authoring programs, but have gone for a system that allows the majority of discs to be burned quickly.

    The Coasters - were they burned as Video DVDs or Data DVDs? It's possible to do that if you use the File menu option for burning.

  •  08-24-2021, 15:12 816571 in reply to 816555

    Re: Export to Disk Size

    Thanks for your quick, concise explanation.  As for as the Coasters, I believe Video DVD's. Looking at my Samsung manuals, especially for the DVD DL, it's very specific that the disk must be finalized else it will not play.

    Again, thanks. 

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