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4k editing

Last post 08-20-2021, 11:14 by saby. 3 replies.
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  •  08-19-2021, 17:38 816343

    4k editing

    Has anyone edited 4k projects.

    I have core i7 10th gen, 32gb of ram and it is unusable with 4k.

    Proxy option mentioned by Pinnacle is nowhere to be found.

    Has anyone actually done it? 

  •  08-19-2021, 20:25 816354 in reply to 816343

    Re: 4k editing


     A real proxy function is still not integrated into Pinnacle Studio and SmartProxy only works in multicam mode, not on the regular timeline. It is inconceivable this is still the case and makes 4K editing slow not to mention the new 8K modes. I create lower resolution offline proxy files in Handbrake, edit them in Pinnacle, and then swap out the files for the full resolution originals. This works but I will not upgrade my Pinnacle version until an integrated solution is offered. The time has come for the program where this feature is imperative.


  •  08-20-2021, 9:06 816387 in reply to 816343

    Re: 4k editing

    Unusable. You have to define what that means. I edit UHD 4K 4:2:2 24P 150Mbps+ with PS25. Fairly demanding footage on the computer listed below.

    You have an i7 but didn't say which one.

    As for 4K editing, when you start to add color grading/fx/etc., yes it will slow down the editing process. But if you don't mind the sometimes jerky playback, you can in "Export and Preview", change Quality to FASTEST and turn OFF Optimization.

    This gets me going in quickly editing the timeline. Then when I have the desired cuts and transitions, I start with tweaking the video. I might then turn on Quality to Balance and up the Optimization to 80 to see how things will look.

    Would proxy editing speed up timeline editing? Yes. But you might have to consider the time it takes to create them. Is it a feature I would like to see? Yes!  


  •  08-20-2021, 11:14 816411 in reply to 816343

    Re:4k editing

    Proxy option mentioned by Pinnacle is nowhere to be found.

    Would you show me where it is mentionned ?

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