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PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

Last post 04-20-2021, 13:53 by SS358. 4 replies.
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  •  04-17-2021, 15:34 813666

    PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

    The 24.1 upgrade has removed the ability to Make a New Shortcut, or significantly modified it to be worthless for the original purpose that has been in PS for many of the past versions, including 24.0

    In the older versions, 24.0 and earlier you could define in and out point within the corrections editor and save that defined clip as a new shortcut in the library. Using this I would chop up a long clip into just the good portions I wanted to use in my video. With 24.1 you can still assign in and out marks, but when Saving the entire clip is saved, and without the in or out that was defined; this defeats the entire purpose. Yes, you can make corrections, but I still want just the defined segment saved, not the entire original clip. I use this most often with my drone footage where I record my entire flight, then want to break the resulting large/long file clips into much smaller segments.

     Is this new behavior truly the desired feature or is it a bug? 

  •  04-17-2021, 18:37 813669 in reply to 813666

    Re: PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

    IMO It's a bug - marked in/out points are saved when applying corrections to the original file, they should be saved in shortcuts too...)

    You may be able to achieve what you need by using scenes instead (manually mark the scenes and then add them to a project bin).


  •  04-20-2021, 13:21 813751 in reply to 813666

    Re: PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

    I've continued to try to get the Make Shortcuts work with 24.1, or at least find the what I consider to be the bugs in it. To that end I've made a short video to highlight the problems I've found. I have PSU24.1 installed on two machines, an older 8-core AMD desktop and a 6-core i7-8750 laptop, both instances have the same behavior. You can see the video here 

    I would be interested if anyone else has the same experience and if you too use clip shortcuts (virtual clips)?

    I also made a short video several months back of how the Make Shortcut feature works in PSU 23. You can see it here 

  •  04-20-2021, 13:46 813753 in reply to 813751

    Re: PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

    I've raised it to Corel.
  •  04-20-2021, 13:53 813754 in reply to 813753

    Re: PS24.1 Make New Shortcut - fubar'd

    Thanks Saby, maybe they'll get it right without creating additional problems.
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