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HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

Last post 04-14-2021, 3:04 by saby. 24 replies.
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  •  03-08-2021, 21:49 812398

    HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Yesterday I was working with transitions on PS 24 Ultimate, today I opened the program and HFX Volumes 1 to 3 are not there anymore.

    Somebody knows how to regenerate those HFX transitions?

    Thank you.


  •  03-09-2021, 3:05 812400 in reply to 812398

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Refresh library.
  •  03-09-2021, 5:11 812401 in reply to 812400

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Refresh library.

    And then back it up

  •  03-09-2021, 5:56 812402 in reply to 812401

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Here is the folder location to back up: C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 24\plugins
  •  03-10-2021, 0:42 812455 in reply to 812402

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Thank you for all responses.

    Refreshing the library only created HFX volume 1.Volumes 2 and 3 still missing.


  •  03-10-2021, 5:30 812461 in reply to 812455

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    You might have to reinstall them.

    Where you have your original installation folders, in  64bit\BonusContent\HFXVolumes, try running the HFXVolumes.msi file and see if that works.

  •  03-10-2021, 18:08 812502 in reply to 812461

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Tony, I really appreciate your post.

    I tried running the msi file and I got a Windows Installer error letting me know that:

    "Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the control Panel."

    I first tried the "Repair " option with the same results.

    Then I removed and reinstall the application but always missing HFX Volumes 1 and 2.

  •  03-11-2021, 5:24 812515 in reply to 812502

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    In Windows, go to the Control Panel>Programs and Features, and see if "Hollywood FX Volumes 1-3" is listed there. If it is, uninstall, then use the .msi file to reinstall.
  •  03-12-2021, 18:16 812569 in reply to 812515

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Before trying to remove the HFX 1-3 volumes as you mentioned above, I got the curiosity of checking the HFX in the other PS versions installed in my system.

    The PS versions in this system are: 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24.

    On PS 15, HFX volumes 1 and 2 works but not volume 3 (I do not remember if those volumes were included on the PS Ultimate version, but I do remember I paid for the professional HFX, long time ago)

    On PS 16 to 23 they are installed but not working.

    On PS 24, only HFX volume 1 is installed but only shows a few of them and working.

    It looks like my problem is more serious that I thought.

    Trying to repair does not work giving me various errors, probably the best thing is to remove everything and start fron scratch.

    Thank you for your inputs and suggestions.

  •  03-12-2021, 18:48 812570 in reply to 812569

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    I have 23 & 24 here and HFX 1,2 & 3 work fine in both
  •  03-13-2021, 7:24 812595 in reply to 812569

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Curious for sure. There is something wrong that has corrupted all installations of the transitions.

    For the sake of HD space, I only keep 2 versions of PS on my computer. The current, new version, and the preceding one that is fully patched. If/when PS25 is released, and hoping the fix certain issues with PS24 before that, I'll uninstall PS23 and keep 24 and 25.

    Since they aren't working, I'd use Revo Uninstaller Free to uninstall HFX1-3 and then follow that up by using something like Ccleaner to further scan the registry and remove the unwanted leftovers.

    In fits of frustrations with PS, I've removed every instance of the software from my computer and reinstalled the versions that were necessary. 

    Sometimes, the "nuclear option" is the only way.....

  •  03-13-2021, 11:59 812605 in reply to 812595

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Although the "nuclear option" is time-consuming, it should at least give a predictable result...

    As well as cleaning the program files and registry, also clean the Content folders if Revo doesn't do a complete job - especially the HollywoodFX folders under Studio's content folder tree (e.g. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Content\HollywoodFX)

    As an alternative to Ccleaner, you could use Pinnacle's Regdelete tool; I'm sure I saw a post somewhere recently with a version that works for every version up to PS24, but can't find it right now. (I can find the PS23 tool in the Corel knowledge base but not the PS24 one)...

    If you want to reinstall fewer of the old versions - my suggestion would be:

    • PS15 - install if you need to work with any legacy projects (even if just to view them and see how they were put together), or if you want to author DVDs and want nice sharp menu text (!)
    • PS16 -  install if you need to capture analaogue video from a Moviebox (500/510/700/710-USB device); the Importer is slightly better-behaved than PS24's - or it the version is Ultimate (with the Red Giant plugins) and you want to migrate those plugins into later Studio versions
    • PS20, 21 - omit as IMO completely superseded by PS22
    • PS22 - install if you need to export Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to file, DVD or Bluray disc (PS23 and PS24 cannot do it - and also have issues with source files having Dolby 5.1 audio)
    • PS23 - install if it's Ultimate (to get the NewBlue plugins so you can migrate them to PS24
    • PS24 - install as it's the latest

     With regard to the location of Content folders - I have encountered issues with some content belonging to older 32 bit versions of Studio not working (broken when a later 64 bit version was installed) - this does include HollywoodFX! Suggestion - if you do choose to install PS15 and/or PS16, choose a different content folder for those two versions - for example C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\LegacyContent and choose a custom installation of PS22/23/24 and choose the content folder location as C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Content (usually the default choice)


  •  03-14-2021, 0:58 812612 in reply to 812605

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

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    I installed PS 15, because I have a project that was done around 2005-2006 on PS 8 and then completed in Adobe Premiere. The customer came back with some changes to that old project.

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (last version that I own) could not open all the saved files from old Premiere, but PS 15 opened the saved files from PS 8 with no problem with some exceptions as titles, transitions and some audio, from PS-15 to PS-24 was not problem.

    I do not need PS-15 anymore or 16/17.

    Once in a while I need to create DVD/BD’s, in my specific case I found out audio/video sync problems in PS-24 specially with long projects.

    I used Regdelete long time ago, but as Richard mentioned on his post, not sure if it will also work with PS-24 or if it is a new Regdelete version specifically for PS-24.

    Thank you Tony and Richard.

  •  03-14-2021, 1:41 812613 in reply to 812612

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Please, do not copy/paste text from Words. It adds these ugly unwanted characters in your text.
  •  03-15-2021, 16:04 812672 in reply to 812613

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    I'm sorry about that.

    Thank you for the information.

  •  04-02-2021, 0:09 813175 in reply to 812612

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Today reading a post in this forum brought to my memory that last year I installed what I think is the original PS 24 U ( in one of my laptops and because it didn't work like I expected didn't used anymore.

    I decided to check the HFX volumes 1 to 3 in all the other PS versions installed in the laptop and find out exactly the same problem that in my PC. Corrupted HFX's.

    Also the Studio HD Transitions are corrupted.


  •  04-02-2021, 0:14 813176 in reply to 813175

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Tomorrow I will start removing all PS versions from my PC.

    Tony, recommend the REVO Uninstaller, and I own the Pro version 4.

    I own an old version of RegDelete, I will try to use it at the end.

  •  04-02-2021, 0:23 813177 in reply to 813176

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Make a full backup first!
  •  04-02-2021, 4:00 813179 in reply to 813177

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    After I used Revo to uninstall PS, I then used Ccleaner to go through the Registry again. There were leftover entries that I removed.

    IF all your FX plugins are there and working, I would back that folder up before uninstalling. 

  •  04-02-2021, 5:57 813182 in reply to 813175

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Corrupted HFX's.

    Corrupted or missing ?

    At the beginning of the thread you said they were missing.

    If your answer is "yes, corrupted", what do you mean by "corrupted" ?

  •  04-02-2021, 15:06 813183 in reply to 813182

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    PS 24 on the PC: under the transitions appeared only HFX Volume 1. Missing HFX Vol. 2 and 3. Trying to open the "Studio HD Transitions" gives a ProDad logo everytime I want to use any of the transitions.

    It is confusing because on the others PS installation same pc, the three HFX volumes appear under transitions with each transition respective logo but they don't work.

    I'm in the process of removing PS one by one  and then testing PS 23 and 24 the only ones I want to leave on the PC. Probably at the end all of them have to be removed.

    Besides that I have almost similar problem in one of my laptops.

  •  04-09-2021, 20:56 813507 in reply to 813182

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    After a long week removing and testing I had my system clean of PS.

    I installed PS 24 yesterday morning to find out today a way to install the old version instead of the new one.

    I deleted the new version tried to install the old version and I got so many errors, after several tries I gave up, and decided to install the new one again.

     Today I saw a post from Saby:

     "NB FX are no longer included, but if at the time of PS24 installation, a previous version of Studio is present on the PC, they should work without watermark in PS24.

    HFX are included. To fix the watermark issue you may try to delete HFX cache file : delete C:\ProgramData\Pinnacle\Hollywood Fx For Studio 6.0\"

    Probably this was the solution to my problems.

    Now to wait for the next update..


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  •  04-12-2021, 17:32 813587 in reply to 813507

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

     Deleting the HFX cache file, fixed the watermark problem, in my laptop PS HFX's volume 1 to 3, as Saby mentioned.
  •  04-13-2021, 19:20 813597 in reply to 813587

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Anybody knows how to fix this problem, trying to use Studio HD Transitions.

    Thank you.

  •  04-14-2021, 3:04 813598 in reply to 813597

    Re: HFX Volumes 1 to 3 in PS 24 U.

    Don't go off-topic. Open a new thread please.
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