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Scorefitter not fully exporting

Last post 03-30-2021, 7:11 by culpanr. 1 replies.
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  •  03-28-2021, 12:59 813037

    Scorefitter not fully exporting

    I'm using Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate.

    I have a movie that is 12 minutes in length.  Source footage is two 4k cameras that recorded a 2.5 hour baseball game.  The footage was all edited with MCE, then the MCE was placed on the timeline and additional work like titles, transitions and a Scorefitter tracks were added.

    When I play the final version via the Timeline, I hear the entire scorefitter track all throughout the 12 minute video.  However when I export the movie it gets to about the half way mark and the Scorefitter track goes dead.  The music doesn't come to a natural scorefitter ending, it just cuts out and is gone for the rest of the movie.

    I then went to the timeline, moved the ScoreFitter music so it ended where it stopped playing on the exported version, then added a second song on the scorefitter track to cover the 2nd half of the game.  I then exported the project and when I played it back there was ZERO scorefitter music. 

    Is there a known issue with ScoreFitter?

    Is there a way to tell Scorefitter to re-render their track? 

  •  03-30-2021, 7:11 813098 in reply to 813037

    Re: Scorefitter not fully exporting

    I'm not aware of a "length limit" that would stop a Scorefitter song partway through (I just tried an audio-only export of a 12 minute song and it contained audio right the way through). I recall the only issue I experienced with longer songs was that the "arrangement" of some could become "stuck in a rut" and repeat the same few passages of music instead of re-using other variations from elsewhere in the song.

    The issue might be with Studio keeping track of temporary render files if you had made a lot of adjustments to the music before arriving at the "final" music choice and length.

    You could try deleting the render files (Control Panel -> Storage Locations" -> Delete render files) to force a complete rebuild of the Scorefitter music (of course if you're using background preview rendering (optimization threshold > 0) that would also remove any preview render files for video too - but they aren't needed for the export, so you wouldn't have to wait for all the yellow/brown preview lines to vanish before going to export

    Alternatively, you could try working around by making an audio-only project containing just the Scorefitter music; export that as a MP3 or WAV file and use that in the the main movie.


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