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Use video clips from timeline in Montages

Last post 03-29-2021, 5:45 by Tony P. 3 replies.
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  •  03-26-2021, 10:39 812966

    Confused [8-)] Use video clips from timeline in Montages

     Hello from an old Pinnacle user - (since version 9) and now working on version 24 Ultimate

    In the older versions of Pinnacle - up to version 15 maybe more, it was possible to clip (start cut and end cut) a portion of the timeline placed video and drag that piece of the video into one of the drop zones in the Montage
    How to drag and drop (maybe via copy) a short part of the main video on the timeline, into one or more of the drop zones in a montage ??

    I can easily add the imported videos and pictures, but i like to place what i have marked and clipped in the main video on the timeline.
    When i edit the Montage, no "connection to or selection from the main editing panel is possible. 
    I don't want to create a video from those small parts of my video as .mp4 files and import them to be able to use them for the montage function.

    If that is the only way, i will recommend that the "drag and drop" feature from the "old days" should be a relevant update to version 24 

    Let me know if i have overlooked something - and please guide me if so 

    Kind regards


  •  03-26-2021, 10:54 812967 in reply to 812966

    Re: Use video clips from timeline in Montages

    Open the Montage editor and you can decide (once you drop the clip on the drop zone) where the will start by moving the slider in the drop zone.

    No, you can not drag a clip on the timeline to the Theme on the timeline. It has been mentioned before and requested, because in the past, this could be done.

  •  03-29-2021, 4:29 813045 in reply to 812967

    Re: Use video clips from timeline in Montages

    Thanks Tony

    Yes i have seen that as an option... but if the videos are 300Mbyte or more, i don't dare to imagine what an overload it would do to the application ;) 

    OK - until that missing feature is "restored", i have to create small Tema-clips from the original recordings... sigh  

  •  03-29-2021, 5:45 813049 in reply to 813045

    Re: Use video clips from timeline in Montages

    It doesn't matter the length of the clip since only a small portion will be played back in any Montage theme.

    Try it.

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