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Cut Clips duplicates Keyframes

Last post 03-29-2021, 3:54 by saby. 1 replies.
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  •  03-29-2021, 1:13 813042

    Cut Clips duplicates Keyframes

    OK this is driving my wife up the walls!!  We are using Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate.

    She will have a clip that has lots and lots of keyframes on there to move characters around the screen.  In one clip she has a character flying from right to left across the screen.  If she cuts the clip in half, the character ends up flying across the screen in both clips instead of the character flying from the right to the cut point, then starting from that point and continuing it's motion through the 2nd half of the cut clip.  This is because when she cuts a clip, Pinnacle Studio copies the keyframes to both halfs instead of cutting the keyframe at the point where the clip is cut..

    Is there a setting somewhere that tells Pinnacle Studio to cut keyframes instead of duplicating keyframes?


  •  03-29-2021, 3:54 813044 in reply to 813042

    Re:Cut Clips duplicates Keyframes

    Nothing new here. It's the way PS has been designed.

    There is no setting for this, unfortunately.

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