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Saving clips as separate exported files

Last post 03-09-2021, 13:24 by jjn. 3 replies.
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  •  03-09-2021, 9:08 812414

    Saving clips as separate exported files

    I have an old family movie file (.avi) that includes several scenes (e.g., Easter, summer vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas).   I've imported the .avi file, and I have separated the file into clips. At this point I would like an automated means for Studio 24 to export these clips into separate export files.


    Does an automated export feature like this exist?



  •  03-09-2021, 12:35 812433 in reply to 812414

    Re: Saving clips as separate exported files

    How have you "separated" them into clips? If you mean you have just put a cut in the timelime between each section, then you can set markers and use these to export sections in the export window and add each section the the export queue, the export them all in one session.

    There isn't a fully automated batch function, though.

  •  03-09-2021, 13:17 812436 in reply to 812433

    Re: Saving clips as separate exported files

     Jin-   Thanks so much for the reply, and you've hit my nail on the head...   a video on the timeline that I have "cut" into clips.    And THANKS SO MUCH for the recommendation on the Export Queue.   I stumbled upon the queue after posing my question, but if I hadn't seen it, it would have been a HUGE time saver, given that there isn't an automated solution.

    Thanks again!

  •  03-09-2021, 13:24 812437 in reply to 812436

    Re: Saving clips as separate exported files

    Glad it would have helped, if you hadn't already found it :-)

    There is definitly room for a bit more automation here. I think there are a number of related feature requests, if you have time to look in that sub-forum and care to add your thoughts.

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