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Green screen

Last post 02-23-2021, 13:56 by Knyte. 4 replies.
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  •  01-29-2021, 6:22 811288

    Green screen

    Here we go again. I now have another issue. This may start hapenning at any time during editing. When I divide a clip, the last frame before the cut turns to a whole green screen. If I remove the cur (Ctrl + Z) it reverts to normal. Cut somewhere else gives green screen again. Cutting the single green frame just moves it back one so that it is still the last frame.

    I've tried: clearing temp files, resetting Studio, restarting Studio and PC. 

     Has anyone come across this before? 

  •  01-29-2021, 6:39 811289 in reply to 811288

    Re: Green screen

    What is the source of the file? What created it? What version PS?

    Can you post a screenshot using MediaInfo and post the View>Tree? 

  •  02-21-2021, 15:22 811960 in reply to 811289

    Re: Green screen

    Hi Lublin

    I haven't done anything more about this. I imported that clip again and the issue went away. I had hoped that somebody would have answered the question as to whether they had had a similar issue and if so, what they did to fix it; rather than trying to analyse it as a first step.

    Thanks for your interest.



  •  02-21-2021, 16:26 811964 in reply to 811960

    Re: Green screen

    Maybe if the clip info is posted, there might be a solution.

    It sounds like a variable frame rate clip or graphics drivers. Without more info, it's hard to come up with a solution. As you can see, you are the only one that has posted this so far.

  •  02-23-2021, 13:56 812007 in reply to 811964

    Re: Green screen

    I've seen this as well; just chalked it up to a) a PSU glitch b) laziness on my part for ignoring it and moving on


    ...but it has certainly occurred.  I'd be happy to add to this thread when/if it occurs again. 

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