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Title is blurred

Last post 01-29-2021, 9:17 by culpanr. 8 replies.
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  •  01-28-2021, 4:13 811229

    Title is blurred

    Hi, am a new user of Pinnacle Studio 24.  When I added a title using a large font (Arial 72), the title in the rendered movie looks blurry, as per the attached image

     Is there a way to have a sharper text for the title?  Thanks in advance.


  •  01-28-2021, 5:56 811235 in reply to 811229

    Re: Title is blurred

    What are your project settings? Are you using Best Quality for Preview. When you say Rendered, do you mean Exported or timeline rendered? What resolution is the source footage?

    PS24 now boasts sharper text, as long as you use the right settings. In the past its was poor, particualtly for HD and UHD.

  •  01-28-2021, 10:25 811244 in reply to 811235

    Re: Title is blurred

    Attachment: epstitle02.png

    Project output is 1920 x 1080.  I was capturing a screenshot (1920 x 1040) as a png.  I then used this png as a background, and created a title over it.  The title uses Arial size 72.  You can see the project layout here -

    I then exported the short clip using the settings as shown in this image (, which created this mp4 file (

    What settings am I missing?

    Thanks in advance. 

  •  01-28-2021, 11:25 811250 in reply to 811244

    Re: Title is blurred

    Project setting are what the timeline is set to - the settings cog top left of the timeline. The PNG, being 1040 and not 1080 might have started a 720p project unless you overwrote it.

  •  01-28-2021, 13:04 811258 in reply to 811244

    Re: Title is blurred

    Unfortunately Studio does have a nagging issue with title sharpness.Sad

    Sharpness was better in the previous patch release (, but was lost in the current release (

    As a workaround, try applying a very light "sharpen" effect to the overlay title; click to highlight it, then go to Editor -> Effect -> Camera, and find Sharpen in the effect ribbon; click to add it to the title.
    The "Default" setting of 0.5 is much too fierce; try a very low value of between 0.05 and 0.1.

    The snapshot I have attached is from a 1920x1080/25p project (sharpened title at the bottom); I used a value of 0.08. The "Sharpen" effect is quite slow to render, but does seem to be a reasonable workaround for now...


  •  01-28-2021, 13:13 811259 in reply to 811258

    Re: Title is blurred

    I didn't realise that they had broken it again Richard. Does that apply to UHD as well?
  •  01-28-2021, 14:02 811260 in reply to 811259

    Re: Title is blurred

    I didn't realise that they had broken it again Richard. Does that apply to UHD as well?

    Yes Sad

    There's an edge blur of 5 or 6 pixels in all of the HD/UHD formats (1280x720, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160). UHD doesn't actually look too bad - but subjectively it is only as sharp as 1920x1080 output from legacy Studio. Hoping that the improvement that was there in the previous patch release will make a return...

  •  01-28-2021, 20:32 811267 in reply to 811260

    Re: Title is blurred


    My project settings are at 1920 x 1080.  Thanks for the suggestion to use the Sharpen effect - it improves the crispness somewhat, but rendering time now takes longer.  Interesting to hear that it was actually ok previously.  Is there someplace to vote for bug fixes or something similar?  I've already sent a support request to Corel if that helps.

  •  01-29-2021, 9:17 811297 in reply to 811267

    Re: Title is blurred

    Glad the "sharpen" worked OK for you; yes it does render quite slowly...

    Reporting the problem may help; if there are enough user reports of a particular problem it might get moved up the "fix list" Wink I've previously added my voice to this issue; it's been around for a long time!

    IMO it's a pity that there isn't some clear mechanism for users to send feedback such as a dedicated webpage or even a "send feedback" function built into Studio itself.


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