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Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

Last post 01-28-2021, 5:21 by culpanr. 6 replies.
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  •  01-27-2021, 1:21 811168

    Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    I upgraded from v23 ult to v24 utI. I have read some of the old post dealing with older versions of PS with this problem. I have tried the reset without any change. Tried the repair and got some pop ups stating confederation failures. It did not fix the problem. I did a complete reinstall with no change. What can I do now?

    I use windows 10 pro on a Asus prime Z390 mb, I7 9700 cpu, 24gb ram, 4-240gb ssds (1 raid0 for OS and 1 raid0 for rendering) 2-240 gb M2 ssd cards for editing I/O, Nvidia GTX970 video card and 750 wt PS. I used this same setup for past version of PS with no problem.            

  •  01-27-2021, 4:07 811176 in reply to 811168

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    Did you remove v. 23 before upgrading?
  •  01-27-2021, 4:57 811180 in reply to 811176

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    @Hilltops, good question.

    Also, what are the plugins that are missing?

  •  01-28-2021, 2:05 811219 in reply to 811180

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    All bonus effects (Editor - Effect - Add ons) that comes with PS ultimate v24. Like FX 1-3 and so on.  v23 had at least 10 Add ons listed and now it just fun and paint effect that I don't remember having in v23?    
  •  01-28-2021, 2:25 811220 in reply to 811176

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    v23 was not removed before installing v24 and removed after. Though it should not make a difference since the plug ins are installed and in the directory Windows/program files/pinnacle/studio 24/plugins. (LUT,RTFX,RTFXv2, Blue Effects, Sound Stage and 2 others that are missing) Do I need to download the older version again to get the missing plug ins or get them to show in v24?   
  •  01-28-2021, 4:00 811228 in reply to 811220

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    I'm having a tough time following you here.

    Is HFX 1-3 missing in the Transitions list in the Library?

    You might not have a complete installation. If not, you can click on the "double circle arrows" at the lower left of the Library window. It will rebuild the data base. 

    Report back what happens.

  •  01-28-2021, 5:21 811233 in reply to 811220

    Re: Missing plugs with v24 ultimate upgrade?

    Some of the problems might have arisen because the Studio 24 installation "consolidates" its installation of content with that of Studio 23 if it is present. The result is that there is just one instance of that content (common to both PS23 and PS24). Fully removing PS23 including content may have uninstalled some or all of that shared content (located under C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Shared Files or C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Content).

    One (lengthy - but ought to be reliable) way out of the mess may be to reinstall PS23 and PS24. The suggested steps below assume that you have only PS23 and PS24, and there are no prior versions still present on that PC:

    • Completely uninstall PS24 including content
    • If any stray PS23 or PS24 add-ons remain under Windows "Programs and Features", uninstall them manually
    • Check for and remove any stray files under C:\Program Files\Pinnacle and C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Content
    • Reinstall PS23 (tip: choose a custom installation to show what it is proposing to install, and where it will be installed). If you have PS23 Ultimate, make sure that all of the bonus content has been installed; here, the installation of the NewBlue effects and MyDVD content packs always "misfires" - NewBlue doesn't get installed at all and the MyDVD content pack installers hang and have to be killed using the Windows task manager! But a manual installation after the PS23 installation is finished is successful.
    • Reinstall PS24 (same tip: choose a custom install to see what will be installed, and where)
    • If you need the disk space, you could uninstall PS23 (make sure to uncheck the box "remove content")! But if you're not short of disk space I suggest you leave PS23 installed (so you have a fallback in case you encounter a "show-stopper" problem using PS24). Note that there is forward compatibility (a project created in PS23 will open in PS24, but not 100% backwards compatibility (some effects applied in a PS24 project may not work correctly if that project is opened in PS23).


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