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AVI files don't play; Yellow Lock Icon Displayed Instead

Last post 1 hour, 22 minutes ago by SilverNickel. 2 replies.
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  •  23 hours, 31 minutes ago 810948

    AVI files don't play; Yellow Lock Icon Displayed Instead

    I started a new movie project and performed a Quick Import of avi files into the project bin. The files are home videos I imported into my PC.

    When I play the file in Studio, the video isn't displayed but the audio plays as it should. A yellow lock is displayed in the Source and Timeline view rather than the video.

    In the library, the avi files have a small lock icon on them (I attached a screenshot).

    I have been using Pinnacle Studio 24 ultimate for about a month and haven't experience this problem previously. Files that I capture in mp4 or mpg format work as expected. 

    Hovering over the lock icon displays this message: Click to unlock this content. Clicking the lock doesn't appear to have any effect. Double clicking the lock opens a Source Corrections edit window. 

    The files play as expected in Windows Media Player and VLC.

    Any ideas how to correct this problem?

  •  23 hours, 15 minutes ago 810949 in reply to 810948

    Re: AVI files don't play; Yellow Lock Icon Displayed Instead

    AVI files can have almost any type of codec in them - AVI just stands for Audio Video Interleave.

    You need to find out what's inside the AVI container before you can proceed - PS will work with some AVI files, but not all. It may need something unlocked, but uses it's own set of codecs - adding them to your PC doesn't normally make any difference

    So with a programe such as MediaInfo, examine the files and copy a screenshot here. If this is inclusive, can you give a fuller description of how the files were captured?

    The practical solution may be to convert the files using a program such as Handbrake, but it may be easier than that.

  •  1 hour, 22 minutes ago 811037 in reply to 810949

    Re: AVI files don't play; Yellow Lock Icon Displayed Instead

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have attached a MediaInfo screenshot of a file that is having the issue.

    The video source was a Panasonic PV-966H VCR. It was captured with an AVerMedia CE310B capture card on the composite A/V inputs.

     Please let me know if there is any other info I can provide.

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