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Adjust Waveform Audio

Last post 01-10-2021, 9:09 by acsscott. 4 replies.
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  •  01-09-2021, 6:51 810493

    Adjust Waveform Audio

    iam updating Pinnacle Studio 18 to 24 ultimate,

    Studio 18: 
    And here Studio 24 - i miss it! :-( 
  •  01-10-2021, 3:54 810555 in reply to 810493

    Re: Adjust Waveform Audio

    Adjust like how?


  •  01-10-2021, 7:18 810558 in reply to 810555

    Re: Adjust Waveform Audio

    What's the point of this thread ?
  •  01-10-2021, 9:07 810563 in reply to 810558

    Re: Adjust Waveform Audio

    What's the point of this thread ?

    I think the thread starter may have tried to include one or more screenshots to show whatever it was that is different between PS18 and PS24 - but failed (they may have tried to use "insert/edit image" from the message toolbar)? (IIRC that button has never worked).

    But without those images or text explaining the problem, unfortunately no-one is going to be able help...

    But I wonder if the issue is with how to adjust audio levels by clicking/dragging on the green line in the audio waveform to create keyframes (there is a difference between PS18 and PS24...)

    • In PS18, the "volume keyframing" control (button on timeline toolbar) needs to be enabled, but it isn't necessary to open the audio mixer toolbox - hover the mouse pointer over the green line and it turns white; click/drag up and down to create the audio keyframes and change the volume.
    • In PS24, it is necessary to open the audio mixer toolbox before the green line can be used for audio keyframing (with the audio mixer toolbox closed the green line ignores mouse actions). Also there's the expanded view that appears when the keyframing tool is turned on.
    I've added a screen-grab from PS24 in case it is of any help to the thread starter Smile


  •  01-10-2021, 9:09 810564 in reply to 810558

    Re: Adjust Waveform Audio

    Forgot the content, but remembered the salutation ....
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